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Veggie Animals

Episode 16: Canines Courageous

A Lesson in Courage


[It is still Winter, as the snow continues falling and the wind continues blowing
all around the forest. Soon, after a couple of months have gone by, the snow then
begins to melt, as a sign that Spring has now approached the forest. Soon, after
all of the snow has melted, flowers start blooming and the grass is lush and green
again, at the same time that all of the birds that had flown South for the Winter
have returned now that the weather is nice and warm once again. At the home of
Isabella the arctic fox, Isabella comes out from her den to notice that Spring
has returned to the forest again.]

Isabella: *sighs* I love Spring. That means that it's that time of year again.

[At that moment, just as Isabella says this, she looks up in time to notice Berle
the sapsucker flying towards her while carrying a message in his talons.]

Berle: Top of the morning to you, Isabella.

Isabella: Good morning to you too, Berle. Is that what I think it is?

Berle: You betcha, here you go.

[Berle then hands the message to Isabella after he lands in front of her.]

Berle: It sure is a lovely Spring day today, isn't it?

Isabella: It sure is. Thank you.

Berle: My pleasure, be seeing you!

[Berle then flies off after that, just as Isabella then unrolls the message she was
given and starts to read it.]

Isabella: "Dear Isabella, you are once again invited to attend this year's Aura Valley
Spring Canine Festival. This time, you are also permitted to invite a few canine friends
to come with you. Hope to see you there. Signed, the Canine Council."

[After Isabella reads this message, she is happy to hear this news.]

Isabella: I can hardly believe it, Aura Valley is holding their annual Spring Canine
Festival again. *thinks for a minute* Now let's see, which canine friends do I know
that would be suitable to join me there?

[After thinking for a minute, Isabella is able to remember the suitable canines that
can accompany her to Aura Valley.]

Isabella: Now I remember, I'll ask Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry if any of them would
like to come with me to Aura Valley this year. And that's just what I'll do.

[Soon, Isabella then walks off after that, to see if she could invite Laura, Scooter,
Jimmy, and Jerry to come to Aura Valley with her. The first stop that Isabella comes
to is the home of Laura Carrot/Poodle, as she knocks on the door. Seconds later, the
door opens as Dad Carrot/Poodle answers the door.]

Dad Carrot: Hello, Isabella, what brings you here on this nice Spring day?

Isabella: Is Laura here? I'd like to talk to her.

[Dad Carrot then turns away from the door to call for Laura.]

Dad Carrot: Laura! Isabella wants to see you!

[Seconds later, Laura then walks up to the door, before looking up in time to see

Laura: Hello, Isabella.

Isabella: Hello, Laura, it is so good to see you again. I've come to ask you something.

Dad Carrot: What is it?

Isabella: Mr. Poodle, with your permission, I would like Laura to accompany me to Aura

Dad Carrot: Why? What's happening in Aura Valley?

Isabella: It is a special yearly event known as the Spring Canine Festival. I will explain
better if Laura is to meet me at my place this afternoon.

Laura: Dad, can I?

Dad Carrot: Hmmmmm, I don't see why not, Laura. After all, Isabella can be trusted.

Isabella: I assure you, Mr. Poodle, Laura will be in safe hands. Remember, Laura, meet me at
my place this afternoon.

[Isabella soon leaves after that, as Laura waves goodbye to Isabella. Isabella then continues
trekking through the forest to meet up with the other canines she intends to invite.]

(Theme opens)

[Soon, Isabella arrives at the home of Scooter Carrot/Scottish Deerhound, where Scooter is
seen arranging some potted plants that he's been growing, all while humming to the tune of
"The Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond". Scooter then hears footsteps from behind him, before he
turns around to see Isabella approaching him.]

Isabella: Good morning, Scooter.

Scooter: Ach! Good mornin' to ya, Lassie! Sure is a nice Spring day, isn't it?

Isabella: Oh yes, Scooter. It is a really nice day today. I've come to ask you something.

Scooter: Well, ask away, Lass. I've got all the time in the world.

Isabella: Scooter, I would be very honored if you would come with me to Aura Valley to
attend the annual Spring Canine Festival. I already asked Laura, and her parents gave
her permission to come with me as well.

Scooter: Aura Valley, eh? Well, I suppose I could use a break from all the plantin' I've
been doin'. I would be glad to come, Lass. *smiles*

Isabella: That's fantastic, Scooter. Meet me at my place this afternoon, and I will explain
it all then. Goodbye.

[Isabella then leaves after that, while Scooter also waves back as well.]

Scooter: The lass sure has got spirit, I like that in her. *chuckles*

[Scooter then picks up a couple of his potted plants before going back into his home after
that once Isabella has left. The scene then switches to where we are now treated to a closeup
of Jimmy Gourd/Jackal's growling stomach, before also being treated to a closeup of Jerry
Gourd/Jackal's growling stomach as well. The two jackal brothers are both laying on their
backs in the middle of a large meadow while feeling very hungry.]

Jimmy: Boy, I tell ya, Jerry, I'm so hungry I bet I could eat ten horses.

Jerry: Oh yeah, Jimmy? I'm so hungry I bet I could eat twenty horses.

Jimmy: Oh, really? Well, I could eat thirty horses and ten cows.

Jerry: Yeah? Well, I could eat forty horses and twenty cows.

Isabella: (Off-screen) And how do you two propose on doing that?

[Jimmy and Jerry both turn their gazes towards the source of the voice, before they both
see Isabella coming in their direction, as they both pick themselves up, despite the fact
that they are really hungry.]

Jimmy: Isabella, we were just hungry. Uh, you got any food on you?

Isabella: I'm sorry, boys, but I do not have any food with me. *Jimmy and Jerry become
saddened from hearing this* But, maybe there is a chance that you two can get a fine

Jerry: How?

Isabella: I've come to ask if you two would like to come with me to Aura Valley to attend
the Spring Canine Festival. Meet me at my place this afternoon, and maybe then you'll get
something to eat while I explain it all to you. After all, I've already asked Laura and
Scooter if they would like to come, and they said yes.

Jimmy: Well, if it involves food, then we'll come. Count us in, Isabella!

Jerry: Yeah!

Isabella: I was waiting for you two to say that, see you this afternoon.

Jimmy: We'll be there.

[Isabella soon leaves after that, while Jimmy and Jerry are both excited about the prospect
of getting a good meal at last.]

Jimmy: *excited* Boy, oh, boy, can you believe that, Jerry? Isabella's inviting us to her
place, and we'll get a delicious meal out of it!

Jerry: Yeah, I can hardly wait, Jimmy! *licks his lips in anticipation*

[Later, Isabella has returned to her den, now that she has accomplished the task of asking
Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry to join her in her quest to Aura Valley to attend the
Spring Canine Festival. Later, once Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry have arrived at the
home of Isabella, the small group is served a fabulous meal by Isabella, the meal consisting
of the finest meats, like steak, pork chops, and chicken, a lot of fresh fruits, like apples,
oranges, bananas, grapes, and pears, and even some sandwiches, some fish, rice, soup, and
mashed potatoes. The small group then begin to eat their share of the food that they've
been served, while Isabella begins to explain to them the reason for her inviting them
to her home.]

Isabella: Thank you for coming over, everyone. I have invited you all here because as I've
explained to you earlier, Aura Valley will be holding its annual Spring Canine Festival.

Laura: What's the Spring Canine Festival?

Isabella: Every year, all of the canines gather at Aura Valley because this is the time
of year in the Spring when there is a full moon that lasts for an entire week. When there
is a full moon, it brings out a canine's instinct to howl at the moon.

Scooter: I hope you don't mind me fer asking, Lassie, but what kind of canines do you

Isabella: Well, Scooter, just about every kind of canine there is in the world; wolves,
coyotes, foxes, dingoes, dholes, jackals, like Jimmy and Jerry there, and even regular
dogs, like you and Laura.

Scooter: Aye, that answers my question.

Jimmy: *chewing* Will there be food?

Isabella: Of course, Jimmy, after all, the Spring Canine Festival at Aura Valley will
provide food for all of the canines that visit there. In fact, the Spring Canine Festival
is also famous for providing a special delicacy known as the Aura Valley Canine Contenter.

Jerry: What's that?

Isabella: It's basically a casserole made up of different kinds of meats and fruits and
vegetables of any sort. It is delicious, but also a bit spicy.

[Jimmy and Jerry both lick their lips after hearing Isabella's description of the Aura
Valley Canine Contenter.]

Isabella: So anyway, are any of you willing to join me in traveling to Aura Valley?

Laura: We'd love to, Isabella.

Scooter: Aye, we'd be glad to join ya, Lassie.

Jimmy: I'm game!

Jerry: Me too!

Isabella: Excellent, I knew that you'd be willing to come with me to the Spring Canine
Festival. *smiles*

[Later, after the group has finished eating the meal that Isabella has given them, they
then leave while Isabella bids them goodbye.]

Isabella: See you tomorrow, everyone, and remember to be ready tomorrow because that's
when we set out for Aura Valley.

Laura: We'll remember, Isabella.

Scooter: Be seein' ya tomorrow, Lassie.

Jimmy: Yeah, and thanks for the food, Isabella, it was delicious!

Jerry: Yeah, delicious!

[After Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry have left, Isabella then goes back inside her
home after that, so that she can prepare for the trip to Aura Valley with her four
canine friends the next day. The next day, Isabella has gotten everything all ready
before she also meets up with Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry, who are also ready
to journey on to Aura Valley. The group is also met with Bob the Tomato/Red Panda,
Larry the Cucumber/Ring-tailed Lemur, Aristotle, and Fritz the day gecko who are there
to see them off after they have also been informed about the small group's trip.]

Bob: Well, Isabella, we all hope that you, Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry have fun
at the Spring Canine Festival.

Larry: Yeah, I wish I could go too.

Isabella: I'm sorry, Larry, but this celebration is strictly for canines only so you're
not a canine, you're a lemur.

Aristotle: She has a point, Larry. The Spring Canine Festival is supposed to celebrate
the day that all of the canines gather at Aura Valley.

Larry: You're right, Aristotle.

Fritz: Be careful out there, Isabella.

Isabella: We will, Fritz, don't worry.

[With all the goodbyes put behind them, Isabella, Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry then
start to head off deep through the forest, towards the direction of Aura Valley, while
Bob, Larry, Aristotle, and Fritz wave goodbye to them.]

Aristotle: God be with them.

Bob: Yeah, we'll be praying for them while they're gone.

[Meanwhile, Isabella, Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry continue on their trek while
traveling towards Aura Valley. Knowing that it is two day's travel to get from the
main forest to Aura Valley, the group know that they have to make it there in time
for the festival. The group is able to travel across the river, over a large mountain,
cross over a large crevice by way of a log extending from one end of the crevice to
another, and traveling through the deeper parts of the forest. Soon, nightfall has
come to the forest, as the group all decide to spend the night before continuing
onward to Aura Valley. The next morning, after having waking up and having breakfast,
the five canines are able to continue on their way towards the direction of Aura

Isabella: We should be getting close to Aura Valley now, everyone. As long as we have
God's courage on our side, we'll get there soon enough.

Laura: What do you mean by that, Isabella? I don't understand what you mean by 'God's

Isabella: Allow me to explain, Laura, as long as God gives us the courage to travel
on to Aura Valley, nothing can stand against us.

Laura: *nods in understanding*

Scooter: Aye, you may have a point, Lassie.

Jimmy: Well, if God really does give us courage, then there's no reason for us to
turn back now.

Isabella: Precisely, Jimmy, now come, everyone, while we still have daylight.

[After a couple more hours, Isabella, Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry come upon a
large mountain, which Isabella identifies as the mountain that lies between the forest
and Aura Valley.]

Isabella: This is it, everyone. Beyond this mountain lies Aura Valley.

Jimmy: Are you suggesting that we climb this mountain, Isabella?

Isabella: Yes, that is what I'm suggesting.

Jerry: She's right, Jimmy.

Jimmy: *shrugging* Alright, if you say so.

[Soon, the five canines all begin to climb up the mountain even though the mountain is
really steep and they all start to get tired from trying to climb the mountain. Despite
feeling really tired from trying to climb up the mountain, Isabella, Laura, Scooter,
Jimmy, and Jerry are finally able to make it to the top of the mountain where they
are able to see a large valley on the other side of the mountain after making it to
the top.]

Isabella: We have made it, everyone. There's Aura Valley down there.

All: *happily* Hip, Hip, Hooray! Hip, Hip, Hooray! Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Laura: It's so beautiful, Isabella!

Isabella: It sure is, Laura. *smiles* Come, everyone, Aura Valley and the Spring Canine
Festival await.

[With no time to waste, the group then begin to make their way down the other side of
the mountain, down towards Aura Valley. As the five canines make it down the other side
and arrive in Aura Valley, they see all of the various canines that have arrived at the
valley to take part in the Spring Canine Festival. There are wolves, coyotes, foxes,
dingoes, dholes, jackals, and especially domestic dogs, such as German Shepherds, Golden
Retrievers, etc. One of the canines, a red wolf named Jocko, is one of the canines to
meet the group when he sees them come.]

Jocko: Welcome back to Aura Valley, Isabella.

Isabella: Hello again, Jocko.

Jimmy: *afraid* Oh no, not another wolf.

Isabella: Relax, Jimmy, Jocko is a nice wolf, he's not like Juodas.

Jocko: *chuckles* Don't worry about me. *becomes upset after a few seconds* Though, it's
Juodas that I can never forgive after what he did to us years ago.

Laura: Why? What did Juodas do?

Jocko: No need to worry, little lady. It's none of your concern. So, who are these new
arrivals to Aura Valley, Isabella?

Isabella: Jocko, these are my new friends. This is Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry.

Laura: Hello.

Scooter: Good to meet ya, Laddie.

Jimmy: Hi, I'm Jimmy and this is my brother, Jerry.

Jerry: Hi there.

Jocko: Well any friend of Isabella is a friend of mine. Come, my friends, and I'll show
you around the Spring Canine Festival.

[Soon, the small group then follows after Jocko, as he shows them all the sights of the
festival in Aura Valley, such as all the games that canines can play, all the places
where they can just hang out and have fun, and especially all the contests, and also
the tables where the food is being served. After a while, Jimmy and Jerry can't help
but start to feel hungry again, while still following after the others. Jimmy clutches
his stomach with both paws.]

Jimmy: *groans* All that traveling and all this sightseeing has really made me hungry.

Jerry: Me too.

Jimmy: Yeah, it feels like my belly is telling me, "Feed me, Jimmy. I need food".

Jerry: My belly too.

[The two brothers then hear the sounds of yelling, before they both turn their gazes
towards where a crowd of coyotes, dholes, Pomeranians, Jack Russell Terriers, and
Chihuahuas are gathered at a large table. At the table is a hulking Great Dane who
is eating large amounts of a casserole-like dish, competing against a coyote. After
a few seconds, the coyote falls backwards after becoming too full from trying to
eat as much as the Great Dane. It is clear that the Great Dane has won the eating
contest, while his two friends, two dingoes, congratulate him for winning the contest.
Jimmy and Jerry then make their way towards the crowd to find out what's going on.]

Jimmy: What's going on here?

Pomeranian # 1: Can't you tell? The Spring Canine Festival has its annual eating
contest to see who can eat 20 helpings of the Aura Valley Canine Contenter in just
five minutes.

Pomeranian # 2: Yeah, Skidder is the undefeated champion of the contest, and his
two buddies, Tooth and Nail, support him all the way.

Jimmy: So, that's what the Aura Valley Canine Contenter looks like.

Jerry: It looks delicious.

Chihuahua # 1: Yeah, it is delicious, but also a bit spicy. If you two are thinking
about competing against Skidder, forget it. No one has ever tried to eat more than

[After a few seconds of contemplating, Jimmy and Jerry begin to approach the table,
much to the shock of the two Pomeranians and the Chihuahua.]

Tooth: Skidder is the undefeated Aura Valley Eating Contest champion of the Spring
Canine Festival.

Nail: Face it, none of you can eat more than he can.

Skidder: Yeah, no one can beat me at eating 20 helpings.

Jimmy: (Off-screen) Don't be too sure.

[Skidder, Tooth, and Nail become alert when they hear Jimmy's voice, before they all
turn to see Jimmy and Jerry approach them at the table. When the trio see the two
jackal brothers appear in front of them, they start laughing.]

Tooth: *laughing* What is this? Some kind of joke?

Nail: How do you two big-bellies expect to beat Skidder in eating 20 helpings of the
Aura Valley Canine Contenter?

Jimmy: I'll have you know that my brother and I can outeat your champion any day of
the week!

Jerry: Yeah!

Tooth: Ha! That's a laugh!

Nail: What do you have to say to that, Skidder?

Skidder: I say, they don't stand a a chance against me. But if it's a challenge they want,
then it's a challenge that they'll get.

[Meanwhile, Isabella, Jocko, Laura, and Scooter have noticed that Jimmy and Jerry are
missing from the group.]

Laura: Where could they be?

[Before anything else can happen, the rest of the group notice the crowd that has
gathered at the table, before they spot Jimmy and Jerry at the table with Skidder.]

Isabella: Oh no! I think Jimmy and Jerry have decided to take on Skidder for the
eating contest portion of the festival.

Scooter: And who is Skidder?

Jocko: Why, he's only the undefeated champion of the Spring Canine Festival Eating
Contest. No one has ever tried to beat him in eating 20 helpings of the Aura Valley
Canine Contenter in five minutes or less.

[The group then approach the crowd where the contest is underway. Off to the side,
Tooth and Nail are wishing Skidder luck, before they turn to face each other.]

Tooth: There's no way that those two yellow-bellied potbellies will try to eat more
than Skidder. What do you think, Nail?

Nail: *laughing* Yeah, their stomachs will bust before they even get past ten, Tooth.

Announcer: On your mark, get set, chow down!

[Soon, the contest has started as Skidder starts to wolf down the first four helpings
of the Aura Valley Canine Contenter, which is a casserole-like dish comprised of
different kinds of meats, fruits, and vegetables. When Skidder finishes the fourth
helping of the dish, he looks over before becoming surprised to see that Jimmy and
Jerry have already eaten all 20 helpings in less than five minutes, both brothers
leaning up against their chairs with full stomachs.]

Both: *burps*

Jimmy: Hey, are you gonna eat that?

[Tooth and Nail are also surprised when they see that Jimmy and Jerry have eaten
20 helpings of the Aura Valley Canine Contenter in less than five minutes and that
they have beaten Skidder, just as Isabella, Jocko, Laura, and Scooter approach them.]

Tooth: *surprised* I don't believe it!

Nail: *also surprised* But how? Where do they put it all?

Scooter: Laddies, you are lookin' at Jimmy and Jerry, the two brothers with the
world's biggest stomachs. I sure didn't believe it myself when I first met them,
but now look at them.

[The rest of the crowd are also surprised when they see that Jimmy and Jerry have
been able to beat Skidder at the contest. Isabella then approaches the two jackal
brothers after that.]

Isabella: Congratulations, Jimmy and Jerry.

Jocko: Yeah, we never figured anyone to beat Skidder at the eating contest portion
of the festival.

Jimmy: Are you kidding? Jerry and I do it all the time back home.

Jerry: That's right, Jimmy.

[Skidder, Tooth, and Nail then leave in defeat after that, while Jimmy and Jerry
are given the prize for winning the contest, which is a large helping of the Aura
Valley Canine Contenter, which Jimmy and Jerry gladly eat, while the others also
start to help themselves as well. Later, sundown has begun to approach the valley,
while Isabella, Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry have been shown to the den that
they'll be sleeping for the night. Inside the den, the group is resting, while
Jimmy and Jerry are both leaning up against the side of the den while rubbing
their full stomachs from having eaten large helpings of the Aura Valley Canine

Isabella: I'm surprised that you two were actually able to beat Skidder in the eating
contest. Then again, that was very courageous of you two to face off against him.

Jimmy: Yeah. *groans* Boy, am I stuffed. I knew that I was hungry, but I never
thought that we'd actually be facing off against an undefeated eating contest

Jerry: *groans* Me neither.

Scooter: Well, you laddies still showed your stuff at that eating contest today, that
much I can tell ya.

[Seconds later, the sound of the door knocking is heard, which brings everyone to
attention as Isabella goes to answer it. Isabella then opens the door to reveal Jocko
standing at the front door.]

Jocko: It's getting close to that time, Isabella. Since your friends there are obviously
new arrivals to Aura Valley, we have to test them to see if they are capable of howling
if they are to howl at the moon tonight and the other nights for the rest of this week.

Laura: What's he talking about, Isabella?

Isabella: I forgot to mention, any new canines that come to attend the Spring Canine
Festival have to be tested to see if they are able to howl in order to join the other
canines in howling at the moon.

Scooter: Aye, Lassie, I think we're all ready for that.

[Later, the group then follow after Jocko after that, so that they can be tested in
howling if they are to howl at the moon. Once the group has arrived at the center of
the village, they are met with the howling coach, a dhole named Rudy.]

Rudy: So, these are the new arrivals to the Spring Canine Festival, huh?

Isabella: Yes, Rudy.

Rudy: Good to see you again, Isabella, but it's time to see if these friends of yours
are worthy to join the other canines in howling at the moon.

[Rudy then walks over to Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry after that to test them in
howling. He then walks up to Laura first.]

Rudy: Alright, Little Miss, let's hear your howl.

[At first, Laura is afraid, but when she sees Isabella give her a small nod to let her
know not to be afraid, Laura is able to muster up enough courage to let out a high-
pitched howl. Rudy is impressed when he hears Laura's howl.]

Rudy: Not bad, not bad at all, Little Miss. *He then turns his gaze towards Scooter
after that* Now it's your turn.

Scooter: Aye, if you say so, Laddie.

[Scooter then takes a deep breath before he is able to let out a raspy but strong
howl, which Rudy is also impressed by.]

Rudy: Raspy, but good. *He turns his gaze towards Jimmy and Jerry after that* Alright,
the two potbellies that beat Skidder at the eating contest earlier today.

Jimmy: That's us.

Rudy: Okay, brown fur, let's hear your howl.

Jimmy: I don't know much about howling, but okay. *shrugs*

[With that, Jimmy also takes a deep breath before letting out a loud howl, which Rudy
is also impressed by.]

Rudy: Good howling, brown fur. Now, it's your turn, gold fur.

Jerry: *nervously* Uh, me?

Rudy: Yes, you! Now show me how good you can howl.

[Even though Jerry is hesitant at first, like Laura, he manages to muster up enough
courage as he takes a deep breath before also letting out a high-pitched-sounding
howl, which surprises Rudy.]

Rudy: Unorthodox, but a good howl nonetheless.

Jimmy: Nice going, Jerry. You had me worried there for a minute.

Jerry: *smiles at Jimmy, who smiles back at him*

[Rudy then walks back towards Isabella and Jocko after that, now that he has tested
Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry to make sure that they are worthy of howling at the

Rudy: Jocko, I am proud to tell you that Isabella's four friends there are deemed
worthy of joining all of the other canines in the moon howling of the Spring Canine

Isabella: That's wonderful, Rudy.

Jocko: Now that that's settled, then let the howling begin!

[Soon, nightfall has approached the valley, with the moon now high in the sky and
in its full phase. All of the canines then gather near the edge of the cliffside
where the moon is hanging above, before they all proceed to howl at the moon for
three hours straight. After three hours have passed, once all of the canines have
finished howling at the moon, they all decide to turn in for the night. Once Isabella,
Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry have returned to the den they're staying in, they
are prepared to go to bed.]

Isabella: I'm really proud of all four of you tonight. You were all courageous enough
to prove to Rudy that you are worthy of joining all the other canines in howling at
the moon. God must be proud of you for accomplishing this courageous act.

Laura: Thanks, Isabella. I didn't even know if I was good enough to howl or not.

Scooter: You and me both, Lass.

Jimmy: *yawns* I had no idea that howling at the moon would make a guy so tired.

Jerry: *yawns* You said it, Jimmy.

Isabella: Well, we should all hit the hay, because tomorrow is another big day of
the Spring Canine Festival.

[Soon, the five canines have all gone to sleep, wondering what lies ahead in store
for them the next day. Meanwhile, in the darkest of the night, Juodas is now in the
area of Aura Valley, obviously angry about the fact that he has been banished from
attending the yearly Spring Canine Festival.]

Juodas: Kick me out of the Spring Canine Festival, will they? I'll show them not to
banish me from Aura Valley once I'm through with them. I'll strike soon enough. *chuckles*

[The next morning, the sun has risen for all of the canines in Aura Valley, as everyone
wakes up to start the next day of the Spring Canine Festival. Isabella, Laura, Scooter,
Jimmy, and Jerry all wake up after that.]

Isabella: Wake up, my friends. Today is the second day of the Spring Canine Festival.

Jimmy: *yawns* When's breakfast? I'm hungry.

Isabella: Patience, Jimmy. Breakfast will be served soon enough.

Jerry: I hope so.

[Seconds later, the door starts knocking as Isabella goes to answer it. When Isabella
opens the door, she finds Jocko at the door once again, this time having been kind
enough to bring breakfast to the small group.]

Jocko: Top of the morning to all of you. I bring you breakfast to help you start the

Isabella: Thank you, Jocko.

Jimmy: *excited* Oh boy! Breakfast!

Jerry: *also excited* Yeah! Let's eat!

Isabella: Not so fast, you two. First, we need to pray to the Lord for all that's
happened lately.

Scooter: The Lassie has a point, Laddies.

[With that, Isabella, Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry all close their eyes and bow
their heads as they prepare to pray.]

Isabella: Dear Lord, thank you for all that we've done yesterday, and for helping to
give us the courage to get this far to Aura Valley, and thank you for this meal that
we are about to enjoy. In your holy name, Amen.

All: Amen.

[After the group has finished praying, they begin to eat their meal of the food that
has been given to them, consisting of bacon, eggs, toast, sausages, pancakes, waffles,
oatmeal, milk, and orange juice. After finishing with breakfast, the group is now
ready to start the next day of the Spring Canine Festival.]

Jimmy: *rubbing his stomach with one paw* Mmmmmmmmm, now that feels good.

Jerry: *also rubbing his stomach with one paw* It sure does.

Isabella: Well, at least it's fitting to know that since you two now have food in
your bellies, you should be fine for a while.

[Once that's over with, the group then prepare to start the next day of the Spring
Canine Festival, spending the day checking out all the sights, mingling with all of
the other canines that have come to attend the festival, and even sampling the different
kinds of food that are being served at the festival. Soon, the day has come to an end
with nightfall approaching the valley once again, as all of the canines once again
gather at the cliffside to howl at the moon again. The canines continue to do this
for the rest of the week, until they are now down to the last day of the Spring
Canine Festival. Isabella, Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry are now ready to spend
the last day of the festival before returning home.]

Isabella: It's amazing that this entire week has passed by in so little time.

Scooter: Aye, Lassie, I can hardly believe it myself.

[The group prepares to spend the last day of the festival, not realizing that Juodas
is still spying on them, still preparing to make his move. The evil black wolf grins
to himself, preparing to attack when sundown approaches. Soon, after the day has gone
by, sundown has once again begun to approach the valley. It is a sign that it is getting
close to nightfall, the time for all of the canines to howl at the moon again. Jocko
then meets up with Isabella, Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry once again.]

Jocko: Well, Isabella, this is the last day of the festival.

Isabella: I know, Jocko.

Jocko: I just want you to know that no matter what happens tonight, I had a wonderful
time getting to know your friends.

[Suddenly, before anything else can happen, the group hears the sound of a frightened
German Shepherd's voice crying out.]

German Shepherd: Everyone! Run for your lives! Juodas has returned!

[Everyone becomes surprised when they hear that Juodas has returned to Aura Valley, at
the same time that Juodas is wreaking havoc on the festival. All of the canines run for
their lives to try and escape from Juodas' wrath.]

Juodas: *cackling* Run, you cowards! Run!

Jocko: *angrily* You've got nerve to come back to Aura Valley again, Juodas, after being
told never to return!

Laura: Isabella, what's going on here?

[With that, Isabella has no other choice now but to explain to Laura, Scooter, Jimmy,
and Jerry the reason why Juodas has been banned from Aura Valley. Isabella then explains
to the foursome that Juodas used to reguarly come to the Spring Canine Festival, until
the day where he stole food from the other canines and bullied them around, which led
to him being banished from coming to Aura Valley. After Isabella finishes this explanation,
the foursome are surprised from hearing the aftermath.]

Scooter: That certainly explains everything, Lassie.

Isabella: Yes, Juodas has been banned from coming here because of his vicious tendencies.

Jocko: Canines of the Spring Canine Festival never back down from a fight!

[However, when Jocko says this, all of the other canines are too frightened to face off
against Juodas, which Jocko is frustrated to see. Juodas can only give off a laugh when
he sees this.]

Juodas: Ha! You were saying, Jocko?

Jocko: *growls angrily*

[While this is going on, Laura realizes that in order to get rid of Juodas, her and her
friends have to face off against him themselves.]

Laura: God gives us courage to face our problems and fears.

Isabella: Exactly, Laura.

[Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry are initially surprised when they hear this, but they also
realize that Laura is right. Juodas still continues to wreak havoc in the festival,
before he looks over to notice Laura and Isabella standing off to the side.]

Juodas: Isabella, so we meet again.

Isabella: Juodas, haven't you understood that you're not welcome here in Aura Valley

Juodas: This time, you'll pay for all the times you've humiliated me!

[Juodas then starts to charge towards Isabella and Laura, as they start to run towards
the direction of the cliffside. After a few minutes of running, Isabella and Laura reach
the edge of the cliffside, which is concealed by some bushes. Seconds later, Juodas is
able to catch up to them, before he stops right in front of them.]

Laura: What are you waiting for, Juodas? Come and get us!

[Juodas then remembers when he had the exact same trick pulled on him by Bob long ago,
which led to him falling over the edge of the cliff and into the river. This time,
Juodas knows better than that, as he just scoffs.]

Juodas: Ha! That trick may have worked the first time when your Red Panda friend pulled
it on me, but it won't work this time! *chuckles wickedly*

[However, just as Juodas says this, he suddenly finds himself getting hit on the back of
the head by a serving of the Aura Valley Canine Contenter, which causes him to get sent
tumbling forward before he falls off the edge of the cliffside while screaming in anguish,
until he lands on the bottom of the cliffside. Now that Juodas has been defeated once
again, Isabella and Laura then turn to see that Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry have arrived,
with Jimmy and Jerry having been the ones that threw the Aura Valley Canine Contenter
at Juodas to knock him over the cliff.]

Scooter: Are ya alright, Lassies?

Isabella: Thanks to you guys.

Jimmy: Don't mention it, Isabella, that Aura Valley Canine Contenter is not only delicious,
but it also makes a handy way of driving off Juodas.

[With all of that behind them now, the group then return to where Jocko is happy to see
that Juodas has been gotten rid of. All of the other canines are also happy that Juodas
is gone.]

Jocko: Congratulations for getting rid of Juodas. That was very courageous of all of you
to face against him, even when a lot of us were too afraid.

Isabella: Precisely, after all, God gives us courage to face off against any problem, no
matter how hard or scary it seems.

Jimmy: You're telling me, Isabella.

Isabella: We should all remember what the Bible tells us, "Be watchful, stand firm in the
faith, act like men, be strong. 1 Corinthians 16:13"

Jocko: Well, God was certainly on our side, since the five of you were able to drive
off Juodas. Now come, everyone, nightfall has come so it's time to howl at the moon

[Soon, all of the canines approach the cliffside again before they all proceed to howl
at the moon once again for three hours. After howling at the moon for three hours, all
of the canines then turn in for the night, now that the Spring Canine Festival is over
for the year. The next morning, now that the Spring Canine Festival is over, it means
that it is also time for Isabella, Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry to return back home
to their home in the forest. After having breakfast, the group is prepared to leave
while Jocko has come to see them off.]

Jocko: We hope to see you and your friends again at next year's Spring Canine Festival,

Isabella: I should hope so too, Jocko.

Laura: Goodbye, Jocko, and thank you for everything.

Jocko: My pleasure, little lady. *smiles*

Isabella: Aside from having to deal with Juodas again, we all had a fun time at the

Scooter: *nodding* Aye, Lassie.

Jimmy: Do we really have to go? I was really starting to enjoy that Aura Valley Canine

Jerry: Me too.

Jocko: Don't despair, you two. You can always come back next year for the Spring Canine

Isabella: He's right, you two. Plus, at least you two were able to beat Skidder at the
eating contest a few days back.

[Jimmy and Jerry both blush when Isabella mentions this to them. Soon, the group then
start to leave Aura Valley while waving goodbye to Jocko, who waves back at them. After
climbing back up the mountain that they climbed up days ago, Isabella, Laura, Scooter,
Jimmy, and Jerry are able to make their way back down the other side of the mountain,
heading for the direction of their forest home.]

Isabella: Well, what did all of you think of the Spring Canine Festival?

Laura: It was really fun, Isabella. Thanks for taking us there with you. I can't wait
to tell my Mom and Dad about it when we get home.

Scooter: Aye, Lassie, we all had a great time there at the festival.

Jimmy: Don't get me wrong, Isabella, the food at the festival was great and all, but
it just doesn't beat the food back home.

Isabella: *laughs* Oh, Jimmy, don't you and Jerry ever think about anything else besides

[The group then start laughing about afterwards, as they still continue on their way
back home, just as the screen goes black, ending the episode.]

(Ending credits playing)
Veggie Animals: Canines Courageous
Here is the sixteenth episode of Veggie Animals. The title of this episode is taken from Rudyard Kipling's story "Captains Courageous" for those of who don't know.

Synopsis: After Spring has come to the forest, Isabella is invited to the annual Spring Canine Festival at Aura Valley, before she also decides to invite Laura, Scooter, Jimmy, and Jerry to come with her to the festival. After the group arrives at the festival, they check out all the sights, before the main event, which is to howl at the moon for the entire week. Just when the week is up, Juodas shows up once again to terrorize all of the other canines at the festival, but thanks to the courageous efforts of Isabella and her friends, Juodas is once again driven off, and the festival goes smoothly once again, before the group returns home after that after the festival is over.

A lesson in: Courage

Focus animal(s): n/a


VeggieTales is TM of Big Idea.
Veggie Animals

Episode 15: The Whole Kitten Kaboodle

A Lesson in Generosity


[Winter has now come to the forest where the Veggie Animals reside, with snow falling
all around in the area, blanketing the ground and covering the trees. Aristotle is
safe within his burrow in the tree, staying warm from the coldness of the snowy weather.]

Aristotle: Winter sure has come to this forest again. It's hard to believe that six months
have passed since Bob and his friends have first arrived in this forest.

[Aristotle continues looking around from inside his tree burrow at the falling snow, before
he looks over in time to see what looks like a small fox or chihuahua struggling through
the snow while looking very miserable. Aristotle is surprised when he sees this small
creature having difficulty getting through the snow.]

Aristotle: Oh my! What's Ricardo doing out here in the snows in this weather? He could
freeze to death! I must let the others know about this!

[With that, Aristotle then flies out from his tree burrow and flies out into the cold
snowy weather to inform the rest of the Veggie Animals about this little creature that
is out in the cold. At the home of Bob the Tomato/Red Panda, he is being visited by Larry
the Cucumber/Ring-Tailed Lemur while the two of them are having some hot cocoa, before
they both hear the door knocking.]

Bob: Would you get that, Larry?

Larry: You got it, Bob.

[Larry then goes to answer the door and when he opens it, he and Bob are surprised to
find Aristotle at the door standing in the snow.]

Bob: Aristotle, what are you doing here?

Aristotle: Bob, Larry, I need your help. Ricardo, a friend of mine, is stuck out in this
cold snowy weather.

Larry: What's wrong with this Ricardo, anyway?

Aristotle: I usually don't see him during the wintertime, but here he is, out in the cold
snows. Come, if we are to help him out!

[Bob and Larry then follow after Aristotle after that, before they approach the spot where
the small fox-chihuahua is still stuck in the snow.]

Aristotle: There's Ricardo!

Bob: I can't quite make him out in the snow.

Aristotle: Trust me, Bob. He's under the snow. *notices a small patch of snow moving* There!
He must be under that patch!

[Bob, Larry, and Aristotle then head towards the moving patch of snow, until they remove the
small creature from the snow. Once Bob and Larry get a closer look at this creature that they
saved from the snow, they see that this creature is actually a fennec fox with sandy-colored
fur all over his body.]

Aristotle: Poor Ricardo, he's nearly frozen stiff.

Larry: Anything we can do for him?

Aristotle: As a matter of fact, Larry. Let's bring him back to Bob's home so that we'll warm
him up. You two do that, and I'll inform some of the others.

[Bob and Larry then head back towards the direction of Bob's home while carrying the nearly-
frozen Ricardo, at the same time that Aristotle flies off through the falling snow to inform
the other animals.]

(Theme opens)

[Back at Bob's home, Bob and Larry, who are now trying hard to revive Ricardo, who had become
cold from the snowy weather. They are also accompanied by Aristotle, Isabella the arctic fox,
Petunia Rhubarb/Sifaka, Archibald Asparagus/Himalayan cat, Junior Asparagus/Abyssinian, and
Laura Carrot/Poodle, as they all await to see if Ricardo will be alright.]

Isabella: Poor Ricardo, he must've been traveling so far through the snow. I wonder why?

Aristotle: You're right, Isabella. Normally, Ricardo likes to go down to the Southern deserts
when winter comes. Why would he be out here in the cold during this time of the year?

Archibald: We'll have to ask him once he becomes fully revived.

Petunia: If only there was a way to revive him.

Larry: Hey, I think I know of a way to wake him up.

[With that, Larry then heads back towards the kitchen after that, before coming back with another
mug of hot chocolate.]

Bob: Larry, this is no time to be drinking hot chocolate.

Larry: It's not me who's drinking it, Bob, it's him.

[Once Bob realizes what Larry actually intends to do, he then allows Larry to give the hot chocolate
to Ricardo. Soon, Larry then lifts the mug up to Ricardo's mouth, as Ricardo starts to drink the mug
of hot chocolate offered to him. After a few seconds, Ricardo starts to wake up, after becoming warmed
up from drinking the hot chocolate that Larry offered him. The others become surprised when they see
that Ricardo is now fully revived. Ricardo then becomes happy now that he's been revived.]

Aristotle: Smart thinking, Larry. That was very generous.

Larry: Thanks, Aristotle.

Ricardo: Muchos gracias, Senor! That hot chocolate was muy delicioso!

Larry: *smiling* You're welcome.

Aristotle: How are you feeling now, Ricardo?

Ricardo: Senor Aristotle, good to see you again. And you, Senorita Isabella.

[Ricardo then becomes confused when he sees Bob, Larry, Archibald, Petunia, Junior, and Laura, since
he never saw these animals.]

Aristotle: Ricardo, these are our new friends, Bob, Larry, Petunia, Junior, Laura, and Archibald.

Ricardo: Hola.

Isabella: Ricardo, perhaps you can tell us what you're doing up here this time of year? Shouldn't
you be down in the Southern deserts?

Ricardo: Si, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to go down there, because I've been given an
assignment that I must accomplish before I am to come back to the Southern deserts.

Junior: What assignment is that, Ricardo?

Ricardo: *sighs* If I told you, you'd all laugh at me. It's best that you not know until later.

Laura: Why not? We could really help if you tell us.

Ricardo: I appreciate your concern, but I just can't tell you. It's something I have to do myself.

Petunia: Not even a hint?

Ricardo: No, Senorita.

[The others become saddened when they hear Ricardo tell them this, just as Ricardo starts to head
back out the door again. However, Aristotle is able to stop Ricardo before he can go back out into
the snow again.]

Aristotle: Hold it right there, Ricardo, you can't go out there without proper winter wear.

Ricardo: Winter wear? What do you mean?

Bob: Here, Ricardo, take one of my scarfs. *holds out a blue and purple-striped scarf before tying
it around Ricardo's neck*

Larry: This coat should fit you just fine. *holds out a red winter coat and puts it on Ricardo*

Laura: You can have my earmuffs. *takes out a pair of fluffy white earmuffs and puts them over
Ricardo's ears*

Junior: And here's my hat. *takes out a blue and white-striped hat and puts it over Ricardo's

Ricardo: Gracias, everyone. This is just what I need to stay warm in the cold weather. Until next
time, adios, amigos.

[Once that's over, Ricardo then goes back out into the snow again, now that he has the proper
winter wear to keep him warm and to keep him from getting cold again. After Ricardo has left,
the Veggie Animals are still concerned about why Ricardo won't tell them what his mission is.
Aristotle then turns his gaze to the group after that.]

Aristotle: That was very generous of all of you to offer some of your winter wear to Ricardo.

Isabella: Indeed, Ricardo has been so used to going down to the Southern deserts in the winter
that he never had any winter wear of his own.

Petunia: What is this mission that he has to accomplish before he has to go down to the Southern

Aristotle: We're as curious about it as you are, Petunia, even Isabella and I do not know what
Ricardo's mission is.

Bob: Even so, God should be proud of us for showing generosity to Ricardo by giving him some of
our winter wear.

Larry: I hear ya, Bob.

Junior: There must be something more we can do for Ricardo to find out about his mission.

Laura: But what?

[Meanwhile, out in the snowy weather, Ricardo has managed to collect some fish from the stream
before he starts to make his way towards a nearby sycamore tree that has a hole in the trunk.
Once Ricardo has approached the sycamore, 6 small kittens peek out from the hole in the tree
trunk. One kitten has white fur and brown patches on his paws and head, the second kitten has
gray fur with black stripes on his back and tail, the third kitten has orange fur all over her
body, the fourth kitten has black fur all over his body, the fifth kitten has white fur with
orange and black blotches on her back, chest, and feet, and the sixth kitten has brown and
black fur all over her body. The kitten with white fur and brown patches becomes excited when
he sees Ricardo return.]

White kitten with brown patches: Look, guys, Ricardo's back! And he's got food!

[The other kittens then look up to also see Ricardo carrying all of the fish that he had collected
from the stream, as they become happy.]

Ricardo: I'm back, my little muchachos! I brought plenty of food for all of you.

[After Ricardo places the fish in front of the six kittens, the kittens begin to gratefully eat
the fish that Ricardo gave them. We then learn that each of the kittens are named Pepito (white
kitten with brown patches), Carlito (gray kitten with black stripes), Juanita (orange kitten),
Ruiz (black kitten), Delia (white kitten with orange and black blotches), and Gisela (brown and
black kitten). Ricardo watches on happily while the kittens eat the fish that he gave them.]

Pepito: Thanks for the fish, Ricardo!

Ruiz: Yeah, it's delicious!

Ricardo: *sighs* Anything for you, my little muchachos.

[Even though Ricardo is happy that he has been able to get food for the kittens, he still feels
rather sad about not being able to go down to the Southern deserts for the winter until he completes
his mission of taking care of the kittens. The kittens finish eating the fish when they notice
Ricardo looking sad.]

Pepito: Ricardo, what's wrong?

Ricardo: Oh, my little chiquitas, I'm just not used to staying here in this forest in the winter.
I don't know how much longer I have to keep caring for all of you until they let me go to the
Southern deserts again.

Juanita: We're sorry, Ricardo.

Carlito: Is there anything we can do to help?

Ricardo: I'm afraid not. But I did meet some new amigos who gave me these Winter clothes to help me
stay warm.

Delia: That was very kind of them.

Ricardo: Si, but it's still not enough to cheer me up.

Gisela: Why not?

Ricardo: I'm still not used to this Winter weather.

[The 6 kittens become saddened after hearing this answer from Ricardo, feeling sorry for Ricardo
having to be forced to endure the cold Winter weather to care for them. Meanwhile, Juodas is trekking
through the snows, still intent on taking out his revenge on the Veggie Animals.]

Juodas: This snow is so cold! The coldest snow we've ever had! But I will not quit until I have taken
out my revenge on those insolent fuzzballs! They'll pay dearly for all the times they've beaten and
humiliated me!

[Juodas continues trekking through the snow, until he comes upon where Ricardo is still talking with
the six kittens in the hole in the sycamore tree. Juodas continues watching, becoming interested in
what is in the tree that Ricardo is standing in front of.]

Juodas: Hmmmmm, I wonder what that little weakling is talking to in that tree that holds so much
interest to him? This should be interesting. *chuckles*

[After Ricardo leaves the tree once again to try and find some more food for the kittens, this gives
Juodas a chance to stalk right towards the tree where the kittens are still resting. However, Juodas
stops when he hears footsteps coming his way, which causes him to retreat into some bushes in order
to avoid being spotted. At that moment, Bob, Larry, Petunia, Archibald, Junior, Laura, and Aristotle
have been following Ricardo's footprints in the snow, until they find that the footprints lead them
to the sycamore tree where the kittens are.]

Archibald: Most bizarre indeed, why would Ricardo be coming down to this peculiar tree?

Isabella: I've seen Ricardo coming here to this tree before, but I also do not understand why that

Berle: (Off-screen) I can tell you all what's going on.

[The Veggie Animals then look up to see their friend, Berle the Sapsucker, up in one of the trees
before he flies down and lands in front of them, but not without shaking the snow out of his feathers.]

Bob: What can you tell us, Berle?

Berle: I overheard everything you were saying about Ricardo, and I know the very reason why he can't
return to the Southern deserts for the Winter.

Larry: Lay it on us, Berle.

Berle: You see, the task that Ricardo has been assigned with before he is to return to the Southern
deserts is that he has to take care of six kittens that lost their mother just a few weeks ago.

All: *shocked* WHAT?!?!?

Berle: Yep, you heard right. Because the little ones just lost their mother, they don't have a caretaker
to help them get through the winter, so because of that, Ricardo has been selected to take care of the
kittens for the winter. Unless they are given sufficient shelter for the season, they won't be able to
survive unless Ricardo is there to care for them.

[After Berle finishes this explanation, Bob, Larry, Archibald, Petunia, Junior, Laura, Aristotle, and
Isabella feel even more sorry for Ricardo.]

Archibald: Oh dear, those poor little kittens.

Petunia: Unless we do something to help Ricardo and the kittens...

Aristotle: Maybe we can.

Junior: What do you mean, Aristotle?

Aristotle: I have a plan on how we can help Ricardo and the kittens at the same time.

[Soon, the animals all huddle together to hear Aristotle's plan. Meanwhile, Juodas then peeks out from
the bushes he was hiding in when he sees the animals discussing the plan to help both Ricardo and the
kittens. Juodas then gives off an evil grin to himself, having come up with a plan of his own to ambush
the group. Soon, the group then decides to put the plan into action. Bob, Larry, Archibald, Aristotle,
Isabella, and Petunia are to comfort the kittens while Berle, Junior, and Laura go to find Ricardo and
tell him that they're going to help him and the kittens. Bob, Larry, Archibald, Petunia, Aristotle,
and Isabella then approach the sycamore tree where the kittens are still resting. Pepito sleepily
opens one eye and peeks out from the hole in the tree to see the group coming. At first, he thinks
that these strangers have come to harm him and his siblings.]

Pepito: Wake up, we've got company!

[When the other kittens wake up and also see the group, they also become afraid, but after a few
seconds, the kittens calm down when they see Aristotle and Isabella, recognizing them.]

Ruiz: Aristotle, Isabella!

Aristotle: Hello, kids.

Carlito: How did you find us?

Isabella: We followed Ricardo's footprints to this tree when we had to figure out what his mission
was before he could return to the Southern deserts for the Winter.

Archibald: Yes, he told us everything, except what his task was.

Bob: We never would've found out that he was caring for all of you if Berle hadn't told us about it.

Gisela: Where is Berle now?

Larry: He went with Junior and Laura to find Ricardo and tell them about our helping you.

Aristotle: I almost forgot, children, these are our friends, Bob, Larry, Archibald, and Petunia.

All 6 kittens: Hola!

Aristotle: Everyone, these are the kittens Berle told you about, this is Pepito, Carlito, Juanita,
Ruiz, Delia, and Gisela.

Petunia: Hello there.

Archibald: Yes, we are pleased to make your acquaintance.

[Meanwhile, Berle, Junior, and Laura continue following after Ricardo's footprints in the snow until
they see Ricardo at the stream catching more fish, as well as also gathering up buckets of water to
drink from the stream.]

Berle: There he is. Now remember, we mustn't startle him. We have to approach him very slowly.

[Ricardo then starts to make his way back towards the sycamore tree again, after having collected
enough fish and water from the stream, before becoming mildly surprised when he sees Berle, Junior,
and Laura standing just a ways off.]

Ricardo: You scared me! What are you doing out here?

Junior: We wanted to see if we can do anything to help you.

Laura: Yes, Berle told us about how you were taking care of those poor helpless kittens after they
lost their mother.

[Ricardo then turns his gaze towards Berle after that, while Berle can only give off an embarrassed
chuckle after that.]

Berle: Well, I may have been doing a bit of spying on you, Ricardo, but hey, they needed to know the

Ricardo: *sighs* So much for it being kept a secret.

Junior: Trust us, Ricardo, we may be able to help.

Berle: He's right, Ricky, Bob and the others can be trusted to keep the kittens safe while you're
out here.

???: (Off-screen) Mi bebes! Mi bebes!

[Berle, Ricardo, Junior, and Laura become surprised when they hear this voice ringing out through
the cold snowy air, before they begin to head off towards the direction of where this voice is
coming from. Meanwhile, Bob, Larry, Archibald, Petunia, Aristotle, and Isabella are still keeping
the kittens company until Ricardo comes back, completely unaware that Juodas is now stalking towards
them, preparing to strike. However, Isabella begins to hear something from in the bushes, as she
becomes alert.]

Isabella: Everyone, stay still and don't make a sound. I'm sensing the feeling that we're all in

[Unfortunately, it is too late as Juodas then leaps out from the bushes in front of the group,
surprising them so much.]

Juodas: Surprise!

[The group becomes afraid when they see that Juodas has returned once again. Even the kittens
are scared, when Juodas gazes down at them while licking his lips wickedly.]

Juodas: So, there were kittens inside that tree! I think I'll just make them my appetizer, main
course, and dessert! *chuckles wickedly*

Isabella: *angrily* Juodas, don't you dare lay a paw on these defenseless kittens!

Juodas: Stay out of this, Isabella! This is none of your concern!

[The kittens are even more frightened when Juodas starts to stalk towards them, but fortunately
for them, Larry is able to make a snowball before throwing it as it hits Juodas in the face,
distracting him momentarily.]

Aristotle: Smart thinking, Larry!

Larry: Aw, thanks, Aristotle. *smiles*

[The kittens are happy that Larry was able to keep Juodas distracted for a few seconds. However,
Juodas is able to snap out of it before he lunges forward towards the group as they start to run
for their lives. Meanwhile, Ricardo, Berle, Junior, and Laura continue through the snows while
trying to find the source of the voice that they heard earlier.]

???: (Off-screen) Mi bebes! Donde podria estar?

Berle: We must be getting closer.

Ricardo: Si, that voice is getting louder the more we come this way.

[The group still continue through the snows, until they see an adult female calico cat with
orange fur all over her body and white fur on her front and back paws, black stripes on her
back and tail, and gray fur on her ears.]

Ricardo: I recognize her!

Junior: You do, Ricardo? Who is that?

Ricardo: That's Esperanza, she's the mother of the kittens that I was assigned to look after!

Berle: You know, come to think of it, I think I do remember seeing her when I was flying just
the other day, but I couldn't get to her to tell her about her kittens because of these snows.

Laura: We need to do something to help her, but what?

Ricardo: Maybe we can. Esperanza! Over here!

[Esperanza then looks up when she hears Ricardo's voice, looking up in time to see Ricardo,
Berle, Junior, and Laura standing just a ways off in the falling snow. When Esperanza sees
Ricardo, she becomes happy, just as they small group come towards her to see if she is

Esperanza: Ricardo! I am muy happy to see you again!

Ricardo: And I you, Esperanza.

Esperanza: *noticing Junior and Laura* Who are these little muchachos?

Ricardo: This is Junior and Laura, they're two of the kindly animals living in this forest
that helped me out.

Junior: We're glad to meet you, Esperanza.

[However, before anything else can happen, Aristotle then flies up to the group, after having
followed their footprints.]

Laura: Aristotle, what are you doing here?

Aristotle: All of you have to come back now! Juodas has returned and he's targeting the kittens
as his next meal!

Berle: What?!? That's terrible, Aristotle!

Esperanza: *angrily* That bravocudo stalking mi bebes?!? Not if I have anything to say about it!

[Juodas still chases after Bob, Larry, Petunia, Isabella, and the kittens, through the snowy
forest, still intent on catching them. Even when Larry throws more snowballs at Juodas, it only
makes him even angrier.]

Bob: Larry, I think you need to stop with the snowballs! It's not stopping Juodas any!

Larry: Sorry, Bob!

[Juodas still continues to chase after the group, until the group find themselves standing in
front of a chasm with nowhere else to run. Juodas then starts to stalk towards the group, still
intent on catching the kittens.]

Juodas: Face it, you've run yourself into a dead end!

Isabella: Not yet we haven't, Juodas! I just hope that Aristotle comes back after finding the

Juodas: We'll see about that! It's time for me to eat!

[However, before Juodas can pounce on either one of the group, he suddenly hears what sounds
like an angry cat snarl that causes him to stop in his tracks. Before Juodas can react, he
suddenly finds himself getting tackled before getting scratched in the face by Esperanza.]

Esperanza: Leave mi bebes alone, you lobo malvado!

[Pepito, Carlito, Juanita, Ruiz, Delia, and Gisela are happy when they see that their mother
has returned, just as Aristotle, Berle, Ricardo, Junior, and Laura also show up as well, which
the rest of the group are happy to see. After Esperanza has finished scratching Juodas, Juodas
is left beaten up, at the same time that Esperanza then reunites with her kittens again, who
are all happy to see her.]

All 6 kittens: *happily* Mama! Mama!

Esperanza: Oh, mi bebes. Pepito, Carlito, Juanita, Ruiz, Delia, Gisela, I missed you all.

Carlito: We missed you too, Mama.

Ricardo: Everyone, this is Esperanza, she's the mother of the kittens that I've been caring

Esperanza: Hola, everyone.

[However, after a few seconds, Juodas suddenly snaps out of his pain before he prepares to
take out his revenge against the group.]

Juodas: I'll teach you to scratch me like that! You'll pay for that!

[Juodas then lunges towards the group again, but this time, they are able to dodge, which
only results in Juodas falling over the chasm while screaming in anguish until he ends up
hitting the ledges at the bottom of the chasm before landing at the bottom of the chasm
afterwards. The group then looks down to see Juodas laying at the bottom of the chasm in
pain, before he gets back up again before running off in defeat. Later, Bob, Larry, Archibald,
Petunia, Junior, Laura, Aristotle, Isabella, and Berle are talking with Esperanza, Ricardo,
and the kittens, happy that the kittens are reunited with their mother once again.]

Esperanza: Gracias for finding mi bebes again, all of you.

Bob: You're welcome, Esperanza.

Larry: Yeah, it's what we do.

Ricardo: Si, now that Esperanza and her children are back together again, maybe now they'll
let me come back to the Southern deserts now that my task is complete.

Berle: Well, we wish you the best of luck if that happens, Ricky.

Aristotle: Yes, but remember, Ricardo, it was because of your generous actions that you were
able to help care for the kittens while their mother was missing. And remember that Bob, Larry,
and the others were able to help you by being generous enough to give you Winter clothes to
wear for this weather. After all, that's what the Lord intends for us to do, to show generosity
to others.

Ricardo: You're right, Aristotle.

Aristotle: That's why the Bible tells us, "Each one must give as he has decided in his heart,
not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. 2nd Corinthians 9:7".

Esperanza: Si, and I thank you all for your generosity, and especially for helping to take good
care of mi bebes.

Archibald: We were glad to be of service, madame.

[However, before anyone else can react, the group all looks up in time to see a snowy owl flying
through the snows while carrying a message in his talons, before he lands in front of Ricardo.]

Snowy owl: Ricardo, I saw the whole thing, reported back to the others down South, and they asked
me to give you this message.

[The snowy owl messenger then gives the message to Ricardo after that.]

Ricardo: Gracias.

[After giving the message to Ricardo, the snowy owl then flies off again, now that his job is
done. Once the snowy owl has left, Ricardo then unrolls the message that he was given, before
he starts to read it as everyone awaits to hear what the verdict is.]

Ricardo: *reading* "Dear Ricardo, After hearing about how you did everything to take care of
the kittens until their mother was found, and how the mother was found lost in the snow, you
are now officially welcome back in the Southern deserts for the Winter. Sincerely yours, the
Southern desert council."

[After Ricardo has read the message, he becomes very happy that he is allowed to return to the
Southern deserts for the Winter, while the others are also happy to hear that Ricardo can come
back to the Southern deserts.]

Petunia: Congratulations, Ricardo.

Larry: You can go back to the Southern deserts for the Winter now!

Archibald: Precisely!

Bob: We're all very proud of you, Ricardo.

Ricardo: Gracias, amigos. I couldn't have done it without you. I must be going now so I can get
ready to return to the Southern deserts. Adios, mis nuevos amigos!

[Ricardo soon leaves after that, just as the others all say goodbye to him. Esperanza and her
kittens also decide to go back home after that, now that they're reunited again, just as Bob,
Larry, and the others also say goodbye to them. After Esperanza and her kittens have left, the
group is happy that they were able to help more animals that were in trouble.]

Larry: I'm glad that Ricardo is able to go to the Southern deserts again.

Bob: We're all glad, Larry. Besides, God should be proud of us for being generous enough to help
him, Esperanza, and the kittens out.

Aristotle: Exactly, Bob.

Berle: I just love a happy ending.

Isabella: We all do, Berle, we all do.

[Once that's over with, the Veggie Animals then decide to go back home after that. The next
morning, the snow has stopped falling, as the entire forest is now coated in a thick white
blanket of snow. Bob and Larry both wake up, with Larry having spent the night at Bob's
home, before they both look out the window to see the snow that is now covering the ground

Bob: Just look at the snow out there, Larry, isn't it beautiful?

Larry: You bet, Bob, it is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

Bob: Right, but you what's even more beautiful than the snow?

Larry: What?

Bob: God's generosity.

Larry: I couldn't agree more, Bob. I just wish that Ricardo were here to see this.

Bob: I bet he's having a lot more fun down South.

[After Bob says this, the scene then switches to the Southern deserts, where the sun is shining
bright, and all of the desert-dwelling creatures are having fun playing with each other, eating
whatever food they can find, and just relaxing in the sun. Ricardo is seen laying on his back,
happy that he is finally able to relax in the warm Southern sun again, before he then turns his
gaze to the viewers and winks, before the screen then irises out, ending the episode.]

(Ending credits playing)
Veggie Animals: The Whole Kitten Kaboodle
We've only got one more week left until the end of March, so in celebration of that, here's the fifteenth episode of Veggie Animals.

Synopsis: Winter has come to the forest, when Aristotle notices his old friend Ricardo stuck out in the snow. Because of that, he enlists the help of Bob and Larry to help Ricardo and warm him up. Once Ricardo has been all warmed up, he explains that he can't go down to the Southern deserts for the Winter because of a special mission that he must complete first. The group eventually learns that Ricardo's mission is to take care of six kittens for the Winter until their mother is found. When Juodas shows up, intending to eat the kittens, the kittens' mother is found and she is able to ward off Juodas. With his mission having been completed, thanks to his generous actions, Ricardo is allowed to go down to the Southern deserts for the Winter again.

A lesson in: Generosity

Focus animal(s): n/a


VeggieTales is TM of Big Idea.
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