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Veggie Animals

Episode 3: To Catch A Snipe

A Lesson in Determination


[It is nighttime in the forest, with the moon shining bright, illuminating the dark
night sky. Within the darkest of the night, there's a silhouette of a flock of birds
flying across the dark night sky. The birds fly frantically while being chased by a
dark figure that is hard to make out in the darkest of the night. However, it turns
out that the dark figure is actually revealed to be Juodas the black wolf. The birds
continue flying as fast as they can to escape from Juodas, until one of the birds in
the back ends up loosing his strength and falls to the ground. Juodas does not even
notice the fallen bird as he continues chasing after the rest of the flock. Of course,
the flock is able to escape from Juodas, who can only watch as they fly away. Juodas
then swears his revenge afterwards.]

Juodas: Fly away, you cowards! But the next time I see you again, I'll catch one of
you! Mark my words!

[With that, Juodas then walks back the way he came, completely overlooking the bird
that got left by his flock. When the lost bird gets back up again, he starts flying
as fast as he can to try and catch up with his flock. Unfortunately, the bird cannot
find his flock anywhere. This saddens him so much that he lets out a loud squawk that
echoes throughout the forest. Of course, this all happens near a certain tree. Inside
the tree, Junior Asparagus/Abyssinian is asleep in bed when he wakes up when he hears
this loud squawking sound. Junior is surprised when he hears this sound before he
starts looking around rather anxiously.]

Junior: W-w-what was that?

[Seconds later, Junior hears the door open, before Dad Asparagus/Abyssinian enters
the room to see if Junior is alright.]

Dad Asparagus: Junior, is everything all right in here?

Junior: I heard something out there, Dad. I think it might be a monster.

Dad Asparagus: Now, Junior, there are no monsters out there. I don't know what you
heard, but I'm sure it's nothing to be afraid of.

Junior: But, Dad-

Dad Asparagus: Please, Junior, just go back to sleep. Everything will be okay in the

Junior: Okay, Dad.

Dad Asparagus: Good night, Junior.

Junior: Good night, Dad.

[Dad Asparagus then leaves Junior's bedroom, before Junior gets back into his bed
once again, but not without thinking about the squawking sound that he heard just

Junior: I wonder what that sound was? Tomorrow, I'm determined to find out what that
sound is.

[After a few minutes, Junior finally goes back to sleep, as the moon still shines in
the night sky.]

(Theme opens)

[The next morning, after having breakfast, Junior then goes out into the woods and
meets up with some of the other animals to tell them about the sound he heard last
night. The Veggie Animals that he meets up with are Bob the Tomato/Red Panda, Larry
the Cucumber/Ring-Tailed Lemur, Petunia Rhubarb/Sifaka, Laura Carrot/Poodle, Mr.
Nezzer the Wolverine, Scooter Carrot/Scottish Deerhound, and Jimmy and Jerry Gourd/
Jackal. After Junior tells them about the sound that he heard, they become surprised,
before remembering that most of them had also heard a sound similar to the one that
Junior had heard last night.]

Bob: Come to think of it, I do remember a loud squawking sound from outside my house
last night.

Larry: So did I, Bob.

Junior: But what was it?

Bob: I don't know, Junior.

Petunia: But whatever it was, it's somewhere in this area.

[Seconds later, the group looks down at the ground to notice a bunch of tracks on the

Laura: Look! Tracks!

Bob: Yes, bird tracks from the looks of them.

Larry: But what kind of bird made these tracks, Bob?

Bob: How should I know, Larry? All I know is that these tracks are made by a bird of
some kind.

[Aristotle then shows up afterwards, after having overheard the entire conversation.]

Aristotle: I know what kind of bird made these tracks that you're speaking of.

Jimmy: You do, Aristotle?

Aristotle: Not only that, but these tracks also belong to the bird that made the
squawking sound you heard last night.

Laura: Well, what is it, Aristotle?

Aristotle: It's a type of bird called a snipe.

All: A snipe?!?

Larry: What is a snipe, Aristotle?

Aristotle: It is a bird that is thought to be more adept in the water.

Mr. Nezzer: How do you know that?

Aristotle: Because, I happen to be a bird myself.

Jimmy: Makes sense.

Jerry: Uh-huh.

Petunia: But what would a snipe be doing here in these parts of the woods?

Scooter: I haven't the slightest idea, but I don't believe that there is a snipe
around here.

Aristotle: Why not, Scooter?

Scooter: In Scotland, where I come from, a 'snipe hunt' is another word for a
'wild goose chase'.

Junior: That's it! We'll go on a snipe hunt and look for the snipe!

Laura: Are you sure that's a good idea, Junior?

Larry: I think a snipe hunt sounds like a good idea too, Junior.

Jimmy: Yeah, count us in too!

Jerry: Yeah!

Larry: Are you coming with us, Petunia?

Petunia: I don't know about this, Larry, it doesn't seem right to hunt down a
poor helpless snipe.

Jimmy: Aw, come on! We're not gonna hurt the snipe when we find it, we're just
gonna capture it and bring it back to show everyone else.

Petunia: Still, I'd rather not come.

Mr. Nezzer: I'm not coming on the snipe hunt either. I have too much work to do
here already.

Larry: What about you, Scooter?

Scooter: Hmph! I'm not looking for some mythical snipe either! *to himself* Snipe
hunt, of all the blatherskite.

[It is then decided that Bob, Larry, Junior, Laura, Jimmy, Jerry, and Aristotle are
the ones that are going to look for the snipe. Meanwhile, in another area of the
forest, the bird from last night is up in a tree still calling out for his flock,
but still without any success. This time, the bird can be seen more clearly, it is
a snipe with light brown feathers all over his body, some black stripes on his wings
and head, and white feathers on his underbelly. However, while the snipe is up in
the tree, Juodas is stalking through the forest, before he sees the snipe sitting
in the tree.]

Juodas: Oh, how could I have missed one measly snipe when I was chasing a whole
flock of them last night? At least this snipe is all alone and it looks like it
might make a great meal for me.

[With that, Juodas then starts stalking towards the tree that the snipe is sitting
in. Seconds later, Juodas then pounces forward, but the branch that the snipe is
sitting on is much too high, so Juodas ends up landing face first on the ground
after jumping up. The snipe then notices Juodas as he quickly flies away to escape
the evil wolf, just as he picks himself up off the ground.]

Juodas: You can fly, but you can't hide, you little feathered morsel! The next time
I see that little side dish again, I'll catch him!

[With that, Juodas then slinks off into the foliage again, in the direction that
the snipe had gone. Back in the main part of the forest, Junior, after having
gotten permission from his parents to go on the snipe hunt, meets up with Bob,
Larry, Jimmy, Jerry, Laura, and Aristotle.]

Larry: Glad you could make it, Junior.

Junior: Did you get the supplies we need?

Bob: Yep, Junior, we got what we need for this little expedition.

Larry: Yeah, a map of the forest. *holds out a map*

Jimmy: We also brought the nets and the food too.

Jerry: That's right, Jimmy.

Aristotle: It appears that we're all set to look for the snipe.

Junior: Well, I'm ready, come on, guys!

Aristotle: My, Junior, you seem really determined to find the snipe, aren't you?

Junior: I am, Aristotle, I want to prove that what we heard is not make-believe.

Aristotle: I share your determination, Junior. After all, determination is one of
the important aspects of life.

[With all of that set aside, Bob, Larry, Junior, Laura, Jimmy, Jerry, and Aristotle
then set off deep within the forest to try and look for the snipe. The small group
trudge on down the trail in the forest. There, they are able to pass by a grove of
saplings, cross a small stream, and make their way over a small hill. The next obstacle
for the small group is a large log over top of a small trench.]

Aristotle: The only way for any of you to cross this trench is to try and crawl under
this log.

Jimmy: You're kidding, right? Just how are we supposed to fit under that log?

Bob: I'll go first, and then we'll know if any of us fit or not.

[Bob then proceeds to crawl under the log without any problems. Once Bob is able
to make it under the log, Larry is next in crawling under the log, which he is able
to get under with ease, thanks to his slender build, since he is a lemur. Junior
and Laura also crawl under the log as well, leaving behind Jimmy and Jerry. Aristotle
is also left as well.]

Bob: Well, are you two coming?

Jimmy: Oh, alright, Bob, keep your stripes on.

Jerry: Yeah, we're coming.

[Jimmy and Jerry also try to crawl under the log, able to get their heads and their
arms through, but unfortunately for them, their bellies won't budge from under the
log, because of their overweight physiques. Because of that, the two Jackals end
up stuck under the log.]

Jimmy: We can't get through! We're stuck!

[The two jackal brothers try without any success to pry themselves out from under
the log.]

Jimmy: You guys go on without us!

Jerry: We'll only slow you down!

Junior: We're not leaving you guys behind!

Bob: Junior's right, it's important that all of us stay together as a group.

Larry: You're right, Bob, but how do free Jimmy and Jerry?

Bob: I'm not sure, Larry.

Aristotle: Remember, everyone, determination can make us do anything as long as
we believe in God.

Junior: You heard Aristotle, guys.

Laura: Right, Junior, we can't give up!

[With that, Bob and Junior are able to grab hold of Jimmy's paws while Larry and
Laura grab hold of Jerry's paws, before they begin to pull the two jackals, but
they are still stuck under the log. On the other side, Aristotle is also pushing
on the two jackal brothers, but like before, nothing happens.]

Larry: This isn't working, Bob, what do we do now?

Bob: I'm not sure, Larry, pulling them didn't work, and neither did pushing.

Junior: I know, how about we dig at the ground underneath them?

Jimmy: What?!? How's that going to work, Junior?

Junior: Think about it, guys, if we dig underneath you two, then we'll make the
trench big enough for you to get through.

Aristotle: Yes, good thinking, Junior! That's determination right there!

Jimmy: Well, okay.

[Soon, Bob, Larry, Junior, and Laura then begin digging at the ground underneath
Jimmy and Jerry, in order to make the trench bigger. After a few minutes have gone
by, parts of the ground in the trench have been dug up, making the space a lot
bigger. This time, Jimmy and Jerry are able to pass under the log without any
problems, now that the ground in the trench had been made bigger. Aristotle then
flies under the log after that before rejoining the six animals.]

Jimmy: Well, I'll be, it actually worked, Jerry, Junior's plan actually worked.

Jerry: Yeah, Jimmy, because of determination!

[Now that the animals have been able to cross the trench, they then resume their
trek through the forest to try and find the snipe. This time, the small group
come across a gorge, but they are able to cross the gorge by way of a fallen
tree that is strong enough to support their weight. After making it to the other
side of the gorge, the group continues onwards once again. 10 minutes have soon
passed, but the group still have not found any sign of the snipe. With that,
they decide to take a little rest before resuming their journey.]

Larry: I'm beat, we've traveled so many miles, and we still haven't found the
snipe yet.

Aristotle: Trust me, Larry, I've been to this area many times, and I can tell
you that I've seen snipes here before.

Jimmy: Can we eat now? All that traveling has made me hungry.

Jerry: Me too.

[The two Jackals then begin to reach into their bags in order to get some food,
not realizing that the snipe from earlier is now watching them while hiding
in the underbrush. The snipe looks on hungrily before he sees the two jackals
take out two sandwiches from their bags. Jimmy is about to take a bite from
his sandwich, when the snipe quickly flies out and snatches the sandwich out
from his paw, so Jimmy ends up biting his paw instead.]


Jerry: *giggles* Hey, Jimmy, you're supposed to bite the sandwich, not your hand.

[Jerry is also about to take a bite from his sandwich, before the snipe flies out
again and snatches the sandwich from his paw as well. Jerry also ends up biting
his paw as a result.]


Jimmy: *laughs* Boy, Jerry, I've heard of a 'finger sandwich' but this is ridiculous!

Junior: Wait, guys, did you see that?

Jimmy: *rubbing his hurt paw* See what, Junior? We didn't see anything.

Aristotle: I think Junior is right, that must've been the snipe that stole your

[This time, the group is prepared for when the snipe comes out from his hiding
place. Jimmy and Jerry both pull out their nets, preparing to catch the snipe.
The animals then notice the underbrush start shaking, as a sign that they have
found where the snipe is hiding.]

Jimmy: Let's get him, Jerry! Charge!

[Jimmy and Jerry both charge towards the underbrush before bringing their nets
downward, but the snipe quickly flies away before the two jackals could catch
him. The snipe then flies up into a tree after that.]

Aristotle: Jimmy! Jerry! Don't scare him!

Jimmy: We'll teach that thief to steal our food, won't we, Jerry?

Jerry: You got it, Jimmy!

Snipe: Please! Don't hurt me!

All: Huh?

Snipe: I didn't mean to steal your sandwiches, I was just hungry! I hadn't had
a bite to eat since last night!

Jimmy: Well, how do you think we feel?!?

Junior: Jimmy, please! *to the snipe* We're really sorry for scaring you like
that, but when we heard that you were in our part of the forest, we had to try
and find you.

Snipe: You wanted to find me?

Bob: Yes, last night, we each heard a squawking sound while we were asleep. It
was thanks to our friend, Aristotle, that we found out that there was a snipe
in the forest.

Larry: What's your name?

Sterling: I'm Sterling.

Jimmy: Sterling? That's a strange name for a snipe.

Junior: I'm Junior, these are my friends, Bob, Larry, Laura, Jimmy, and Jerry.

Sterling: Hello.

Jimmy: *to Jerry* I wonder if snipes taste like chicken?

Jerry: I dunno.

[However, the two jackals end up getting elbowed in the gut by Bob. Junior then
turns his gaze towards Sterling after that.]

Junior: You'll have to excuse Jimmy and Jerry, Sterling, they're always hungry.

Sterling: They're not the only ones, I would've starved if I hadn't eaten their

Aristotle: Still, Sterling, you should know by now that you shouldn't take things
that don't belong to you.

Sterling: Yes, I know that now.

Laura: There's one thing I need to know, why are you out here in the forest all
by yourself?

[Sterling then droops his head rather sadly after that, which confuses the
animals. Because of that, Sterling has no other choice but to explain to the
small group about his predicament, as they gather around.]

Sterling: The truth is, last night, my flock and I were chased in the darkness
of the night by a black wolf. We flew as fast as we could to escape, but I got
left behind because I couldn't fly fast enough. I was lucky that that wolf did
not even see me, but now I don't even know where my flock is now. I miss my mama.

[After Sterling finishes his story, Bob, Larry, Junior, Laura, Jimmy, Jerry,
and Aristotle can't help but feel sorry for Sterling, all because he got
separated from his family. Junior then turns his gaze towards Jimmy and
Jerry after that.]

Junior: Well, do you guys have anything to say now?

Jimmy: *sadly* You're right, Junior. And to think that we even thought about
wanting to eat that poor defenseless little snipe too.

Jerry: *sadly* Yeah.

Bob: Hey, wait a minute, guys. Sterling said something about a black wolf
chasing after him and his flock. Doesn't that sound kind of familiar?

Larry: Hey, yeah, Bob, now what black wolf do we know that would want to chase
after other animals?


Bob: Exactly.

Aristotle: If Juodas is stalking after you and your flock, Sterling, then that
means that you'll be in grave danger if Juodas catches you.

Sterling: Juodas? Is that the wolf that chased us?

Aristotle: Yes, trust us, Sterling, there's no telling what will happen if you
or your flock get caught by Juodas.

Jimmy: This doesn't make any sense, we've come to find a snipe to take back and
show the others, but now we have to save him from danger.

Larry: I think it's a good idea, Jimmy. Besides, Sterling would really appreciate
it if we helped him find his flock.

Bob: That's right, Larry. After all, God would want us to help others in trouble.

Aristotle: Exactly, we're determined to help Sterling find his flock again.

Sterling: Determined? Really?

Laura: Right, Sterling, we'll help you find your family.

Junior: Just like when we were determined to try and find you.

Sterling: Oh, thank you, everyone. It makes me so happy that you'd want to help
me. *smiles*

Bob: No problem, Sterling, we'd be glad to offer our services to help you back
to your flock.

[Once the group have finished resting up, they then resume their journey, but
this time, to help Sterling find his flock again. This time, the group starts
trudging on through a large meadow in the middle of the forest.]

Larry: This is pretty nice scenery, I have to admit.

Jerry: Uh-huh, it is nice.

Jimmy: You know what? I think I know the perfect song for an occasion like

[Jimmy then picks up a nearby branch off the ground, which he intends to use
as a marching stick.]

Jimmy: [singing] We're on the upward trail, We're on the upward trail, Singing
as we go Scouting bound. We're on the upward trail, We're on the upward trail,
Singing, Singing, ev'rybody singing, Scouting bound.

Jerry: Yeah, sing it, Jimmy! Now let's all sing!

All: [singing] We're on the upward trail, we're on the upward trail, Singing
as we go Scouting bound. We're on the upward trail, We're on the upward trail,
Singing, Singing, ev'rybody singing, Scouting bound.

[The group still continue traveling across the meadow, while still singing
the song to pass the time. Deeper within the forest, Juodas is still trying
to find where the snipes had flown off to, without any success.]

Juodas: Curses! Those feathered delicacies have to be around here somewhere!
It's bad enough that I couldn't catch that lone snipe, but now I can't even
find the whole flock!

[However, after a few seconds, Juodas suddenly hears the sound of singing
from a little ways off. Juodas then follows the sound of where the singing
is coming from, until he is able to spot the Veggie Animals trudging through
another area of the forest, with Aristotle leading the way and Sterling
also flying alongside Aristotle.]

Juodas: Ah-ha! There's that little snipe again! And this time, he's got those
multicolored fuzz balls with him! You won't escape this time, you little hors

[Soon, the group have finished singing while still traveling through the forest
to try and finding Sterling's flock.]

Sterling: Wow, this is fun! I had no idea how much fun it is to travel and sing
with such good friends like you!

Larry: Well, we're your friends, Sterling.

Bob: Larry is right, Sterling, that's what friends do, they help each other out.

Laura: We've traveled far, but there's still no sign of Sterling's flock anywhere.

Aristotle: Yes, but we mustn't give up, not as long as we have determination on
our side.

Sterling: You're right, Aristotle, I'm determined to find my flock soon enough!

Aristotle: Exactly, Sterling. But just to be safe, all of you stay here, while I
go on ahead to see if I can find the flock. I'll be back if I find anything, okay?

[With that, Aristotle then spreads out his wings before he takes to the air and
flies further on through the forest to find Sterling's flock. Bob, Larry, Junior,
Laura, Jimmy, Jerry, and Sterling can only watch on until Aristotle disappears
off in the distance as he flies further through the forest.]

Larry: You think he'll be alright, Bob?

Bob: Larry, has Aristotle ever steered us wrong?

Larry: Uh, I don't think so.

Bob: So, I'm positive that he'll be just fine.

Sterling: I just wish that I could've gone with him. After all, it's my flock that
I'm looking for.

Junior: We know, Sterling, but Aristotle wants you to be safe because he cares about
you the same way he cares for us.

Sterling: You're right, Junior. Aristotle cares about me enough to worry about my

[Junior then smiles at Sterling while gently stroking Sterling's soft feathers with
one paw. Sterling smiles back at Junior after a few seconds.]

Sterling: Thank you for all that you and your friends have done for me, Junior. I
would've been lost if you haven't come along to this part of the forest.

Juodas: (Off-screen) No, thank YOU!

[The six animals and Sterling become alert and shocked when they hear this familiar
voice in the area. They then look over to see Juodas stalking towards them.]

All: *shocked* JUODAS!

Juodas: Thank you for finding that little side dish for me. This little snipe is just
the perfect snack to hold me over until dinner. *chuckles sadistically*

Jimmy: *angrily* Hey! I may be hungry, but even I consider than an insult!

Jerry: *angrily* Yeah, me too!

[Sterling is surprised when he sees that Jimmy and Jerry are now defending him, despite
the fact that the two jackals once considered eating him earlier.]

Juodas: After I eat this little snipe, I'm coming after all of you!

Larry: You'll have to catch us first!

[The six animals then run as fast as they can to try and escape Juodas, at the same time
that Sterling also takes to the air as well. Juodas then chases after the small group
through the forest. Sterling suddenly ends up running into a tree branch, which causes
him to crash down to the ground in pain. The animals become horrified when they see
this happen.]

All: Sterling!

Juodas: *cackles* You're mine at last, little snipe! Dinnertime!

[Fortunately, Junior is able to grab hold of the branch that Jimmy is holding, breaks
it in half, then quickly jumps between Sterling and Juodas, before sticking the broken
half of the branch between Juodas's jaws, preventing him from trying to bite down on
Sterling, saving him.]

Bob: Smart thinking, Junior!

Sterling: Thanks, Junior!

Junior: My pleasure, Sterling, friends never leave friends behind.

[Juodas is now able to remove the branch from his jaws, before glaring angrily at the
small group after that.]

Juodas: This time, there are no escapes!

[However, before Juodas can pounce on any of the animals, everyone suddenly hears a
bunch of loud squawking sounds from off in the distance. Everyone then looks over in
time to see a huge flock of snipes start flying to the sight of the battle, with Aristotle
flying alongside them. Sterling becomes especially happy when he sees that Aristotle was
successful in locating his flock.]

Sterling: *happily* It's my flock! Aristotle has found them!

Bob: See, Sterling? We knew that Aristotle wouldn't let you down.

[Before Juodas can react, he suddenly finds himself overrun by all of the snipes as they
begin pecking at him rapidly. Even Sterling flies in and joins in the fight, also pecking
Juodas as well. Realizing that he is outnumbered, Juodas then starts running away from the
fight, not intending to take any more pecking from the snipes. After Juodas has left, the
animals start cheering, happy that Juodas has been driven off again, as well as the fact
that Sterling's flock has been found again. Sterling is even more happier when he sees
that his flock has returned, especially his mother.]

Sterling: Mama!

Mother Snipe: Sterling, my son! I was so worried about you!

Sterling: Mama, I was so worried! I thought I would never see you again!

Mother Snipe: Thank you all for finding my son and bringing him back. I don't know where
I'd be without him.

Bob: You're welcome, Mrs. Snipe.

Larry: Yeah, consider it an act of determination on our part.

Aristotle: That's right, Larry. As the bible says, "I can do all things through Christ
which strengthen me. Philippians 4:13."

Sterling: *confused* Huh?

Bob: What he means, Sterling, is that God gives us determination to do the things that
we need to do.

Jimmy: Yeah, like when we found you and helped you find your flock again.

Sterling: So you're saying that God helped me to become determined enough to find my

Aristotle: *nodding* Exactly.

Sterling: Wow! There really is a lot more to God than I ever thought possible!

Mother Snipe: Come, Sterling, it's time to go.

Sterling: Wait, Mama, I need to say goodbye to my new friends first!

[Mother Snipe then nods, before Sterling walks up to Bob, Larry, Junior, Laura, Jimmy,
Jerry, and Aristotle, preparing to say goodbye to them.]

Sterling: Goodbye, Bob, thank you for helping me to learn about God. You're the nicest
Red Panda I ever met.

Bob: Why thank you, Sterling.

Sterling: Larry, I will never forget your optimism and your light-hearted moods.

Larry: Awwww, don't mention it, Sterling.

Sterling: And Junior, you're the best friend I've ever met. And you too, Laura.

Junior: You're the best friend we ever met too, Sterling.

Laura: We'll miss you, Sterling.

Sterling: Jimmy, Jerry, you guys are the funniest Jackals I ever met. Thank you
for not trying to eat me.

Jimmy: Oh come on, Sterling, no need to bring it up. After all, I heard that snipe
meat is rather gamey anyway.

Jerry: Yeah, it's gamey. See you later, Sterling.

Sterling: And Aristotle, thank you for helping to find my flock.

Aristotle: No problem at all, Sterling.

Sterling: Goodbye, everyone! And thanks for everything!

[After rejoining with his mother and all of the other snipes again, Sterling then
waves goodbye to the Veggie Animals, before all of the snipes then spread their
wings and take to the sky again. The snipes then begin to fly away into the sky,
while the Veggie Animals say goodbye to them. From the sky, one of Sterling's
feathers comes loose before it flutters down and lands in front of Junior's feet,
as he picks it up.]

Jimmy: How about that? A snipe feather.

Laura: Maybe we didn't need to catch a snipe after all.

Junior: Yeah, this feather might be just the proof that we need.

Bob: Come on, guys, let's go home.

[Soon, Bob, Larry, Junior, Laura, Jimmy, Jerry, and Aristotle then begin to go
back the way they came, after having accomplished their expedition. Back in the
main forest, Bob, Larry, Junior, Laura, Jimmy, and Jerry have now met up with
Mr. Nezzer, Scooter, and Petunia again, telling them about their journey in
looking for the snipe.]

Junior: And after that, they flew off together again.

Petunia: Was the trip dangerous, Larry?

Larry: It wasn't all that dangerous, Petunia. Except for the fact that we did
have to dodge Juodas to save the snipe.

Mr. Nezzer: But where are the snipes now?

Aristotle: Who knows? Maybe they're far from here by now.

Scooter: I still say that the existence of snipes is a load of blatherskite.

Junior: Then how about this feather, Scooter?

[Junior then holds out Sterling's feather to show the others, which surprises
Petunia, Mr. Nezzer, and Scooter. Scooter is especially surprised when he sees
this snipe feather.]

Scooter: I don't believe it! A genuine snipe feather! But how?!?

Junior: Let's just say that it's a gift from a good friend.

[With that, Junior then looks up at the sky after that, before the camera moves
upwards into the sky. The scene then switches to the entire flock of snipes,
especially Sterling, as they fly across the sky while squawking happily. While
flying, Sterling then looks directly at the viewers before winking at them,
before he and his flock fly directly towards the direction of the sun, before
the screen goes dark, ending the episode.]

(Ending credits playing)
Veggie Animals: To Catch A Snipe
I now bring to you the third episode of my Veggie Animals fanfic series.

Synopsis: Strange squawking sounds have been heard in the night. The next morning, when it is determined that a snipe was making the squawking sounds, Junior is determined to find the snipe, so he, Bob, Larry, Laura, Jimmy, Jerry, and Aristotle set out to find the snipe. When they find the snipe, they learn that his name is Sterling and that he's been separated from his flock when they were chased by Juodas. Juodas then shows up, intending to eat the Sterling, but then Sterling's flock shows up and is able to save everyone from the evil wolf. Once Sterling has been reunited with his flock again, the group then go back home, but not without presenting one of Sterling's feathers everyone else back home.

A lesson in: Determination

Focus animal(s): Junior


For this one, I decided to name the snipe Sterling, in honor of legendary voice actor Sterling Holloway. The reason for this is because Sterling Holloway narrated the 1944 Disney animated short "The Pelican And The Snipe", so I thought it would be appropriate to name the snipe Sterling because of that.

VeggieTales is TM of Big Idea.
Veggie Animals

Episode 2: Follow My Leader

A Lesson in Expressing Your True Feelings


[It is a nice day in the forest, where the Veggie Animals reside. To celebrate their
first day of getting turned into animals, they are preparing a little party. Larry,
Jimmy, and Jerry are tasked with getting the decorations all set up. Petunia walks
up to the three animals, who are still setting up the decorations.]

Petunia: How's it going with the decorations, Larry?

Larry: Just great, Petunia! This is gonna be the best party we've ever had!

Jimmy: Yeah, we must remember to thank Bob for coming up with the idea for this

Jerry: *nods*

[However, at that moment, Archibald then walks up to the four animals, with a rather
stern look on his face. Jimmy is the first one to take notice of this.]

Jimmy: Don't look now, Larry, but here comes Mr. Stiff-Upper-Lip.

[Larry then turns around in time to see Archibald.]

Larry: Oh, hi, Archie, have you come to help us out with the preparations for the

Archibald: I'm afraid not, Larry. In fact, after looking over what's been set up
so far, I couldn't help but notice that there are quite a number of safety risks
with these decorations.

Jerry: What kind of safety risks?

Archibald: Well, for example, this banner is way too loose and flimsy. I mean
someone could trip on it and seriously injure themselves.

Jimmy: So? We can just nail it in tight and no one will trip over it!

Archibald: Second of all, there are way too many ribbons in those trees. What
if any birds who see them mistake them for worms and end up choking on them
when they try to eat them?

Petunia: *whispering to Larry* Does he know about the chandelier that we hung
up in that tree?

Larry: *whispering to Petunia* I don't think so.

Archibald: Am I forgetting anything else?

[However, at the same time that Archibald asks this, the rope that holds up the
chandelier starts to break, which surprises Larry when he looks up. Petunia,
Jimmy, and Jerry are also surprised when they see that the rope is about to

Larry: Uh, Archie?

Archibald: Do not interrupt, Larry! Can't you see that I'm in the midst of a
safety inspection of this party?

[Seconds later, the rope then breaks as the chandelier starts to fall down
towards Archibald. When Archibald looks up, he becomes surprised to see the
chandelier falling towards him, unable to move. Fortunately for him, Larry
leaps forward and is able to push Archibald out of the way just as the chandelier
crashes to the ground behind them.]

(Theme opens)

[After Larry has saved Archibald from getting hit by the chandelier, Archibald
becomes surprised when he realizes that Larry had saved him.]

Archibald: *surprised* I-I-I don't believe it! Larry, you actually saved my life!

Larry: Well, sure I did, Archibald. After all, I couldn't just let that chandelier
fall on you.

Archibald: I suppose I can let you resume preparing the party. And to spice things
up a little bit, whatever you want, Larry, just name it!

Larry: *confused* Uh, what?

Archibald: You saved me, so now I feel indebted to you for your valiant efforts.

Jimmy: You hear that, Jerry? Archibald's kissing up to Larry now.

Jerry: Yeah!

Larry: Well, we could use a little bit of help with getting the decorations set up
for the party.

Archibald: Well, I am ready, willing and able!

[Soon, Archibald is helping Larry, Petunia, Jimmy, and Jerry get the rest of the
decorations for the party set up. After 10 minutes, the decorations are all ready,
just as Bob comes by to see how progress is going. When Bob arrives, he is surprised
to see that everything is ready in just a short amount of time.]

Bob: Wow, Larry, how were you guys able to get the decorations up in so little time?

Larry: Simple, Bob, Archie helped us out.

Jimmy: Yeah, you should've seen it, Bob. First, Archibald came in, thinking that the
decorations were a safety risk, but Larry saved him when a chandelier that we set up
snapped loose and almost fell on him.

Jerry: And he helped us get everything all ready.

Archibald: It was my pleasure helping you out.

Bob: Wow, I never realized that Archibald could actually be willing to help out with
a party.

Larry: Me neither, Bob.

Archibald: Well, Larry, all the decorations are set up, anything else I can do for you?

Bob: Larry, what is he talking about?

Larry: I saved him, Bob, so now he wants to do favors for me.

Jimmy: Well, I know of one favor he can do for us.

[At that moment, Jimmy then walks up to Larry before he starts whispering in his ear,
telling him about his suggestion. Seconds later, Larry then prepares to tell Archibald
about what Jimmy suggested to him.]

Larry: Well, Jimmy, Jerry, and I are hungry after getting the party set up, so maybe you
could get us a few pizzas or something?

Archibald: Very well, Larry. Some pizzas coming up for you and Jimmy and Jerry.

[Scene transition, we now see 6 large pizza boxes which are now empty, before we see Larry,
Jimmy, and Jerry laying on the ground after having apparently eaten all of the pizzas. It
is obvious that Jimmy and Jerry are really enjoying the taste of the delicious pizzas that
they had eaten, while Larry is a bit more solemn about what's been happening in the last

Jimmy: *moaning happily* Boy, Larry, those were the best pizzas I've ever eaten. Archibald
can really do favors for a guy, you know. And those anchovies and the cheese in the crust!
Mmmmmmm! *rubs his stomach with both paws*

Jerry: You really said it, Jimmy. *licks his lips happily* That was dee-licious!

Larry: I don't know, guys. I'm happy that Archibald has loosened up a bit since I saved him,
yet I feel uneasy about it at the same time.

Jimmy: What's the matter, Larry? Got indigestion from those black olives?

Larry: No, Jimmy, it's not indigestion. It's just that Archibald might be showing up sooner
or later to ask another favor from me.

Jimmy: What's so bad about that? I actually enjoy Archibald doing favors for us. It gives
us a chance to get something to eat.

Larry: Well, yeah, but you never know when he'll show up, just like a bolt of lightning.

[Sure enough, as soon as Larry says this, Archibald then walks up towards Larry, Jimmy, and
Jerry with a rather confident air that makes Larry feel uncomfortable.]

Archibald: Well, boys, how were the pizzas?

Jimmy: They were delicious, Archibald! Thanks!

Jerry: Yeah, thanks!

Archibald: At least it's good to know that your bellies are full. *to Larry* So, is there
anything else I can do for you, Larry?

Larry: *unsure* Uh, I'll have to take a raincheck on that, Archie. I'll let you know if
you need to do anything else for me, okay?

Archibald: Very well, Larry. I can wait. I am very patient, after all.

[At that moment, Larry then picks himself up off the ground, before Jimmy and Jerry also
get up as well, before following after Larry. Of course, they stop just a few feet as
Larry continues walking further away into the woods.]

Larry: What am I gonna do? Ever since I saved Archibald's life, he just won't leave me
alone with favors.

[While Larry takes a little break in the woods, he looks up to see a familiar Great Horned
Owl up in the trees. Larry is able to recognize this owl as Aristotle.]

Larry: Aristotle?

[Aristotle then perks up when he hears Larry's voice, before looking down in time to notice
Larry down on the ground.]

Aristotle: Oh, hello, Larry. What are you doing out here in this part of the woods?

Larry: I've been doing some thinking, and since I found you, maybe you can help out. Can
you come down here, please?

Aristotle: Gladly.

[With that, Aristotle then spreads out his wings before he starts to fly down to the ground,
before landing in front of Larry.]

Aristotle: So, what seems to be the trouble?

Larry: You see, Aristotle, we were preparing a party to celebrate our new lives as animals
when Archibald showed up and thought that the decorations were a safety risk. Then a chandelier
that we set up was about to fall on Archibald, but I saved him, and now he's inclined to do
favors for me since I saved his life, and he just won't leave me alone.

Aristotle: Oh my, that is truly bothersome. Well, Larry, the best way to get Archibald to
stop doing favors for you is to tell him how you really feel about it.

Larry: But if I do, then he'll just go back to being the stuffy old feline that he is again.

Aristotle: So, what if he does? The Lord tells us that we need to be sincere with our feelings.

[For a few minutes, Larry starts to think about these words, before he begins to come up with
an idea.]

Larry: You know, Aristotle. You're right. If I want Archibald to stop doing favors for me,
then I have to be honest to him about my feelings.

Aristotle: *nodding* Exactly.

Larry: That means, that since I saved Archibald, then he'll want to save me, and then we'll
both be even! Thanks, Aristotle! I know just what to do now!

[Larry then runs off after that, leaving behind Aristotle, who is completely bewildered
that Larry had actually missed the point.]

Aristotle: That wasn't what I meant at all, Larry! *sighs*

[Larry then continues running until he meets up with Jimmy and Jerry once again.]

Larry: Jimmy! Jerry! I got an idea on how to get Archibald to stop doing favors for us!

Jimmy: You do, Larry? And I really liked the idea of him getting food for us too.

Larry: Trust me, guys. Since I saved Archie earlier, then all we have to do is get
him to save me, and then we'll be even.

Jerry: Uh, how are we gonna do that?

[Fortunately, Larry is able to come up with an idea, so he, Jimmy, and Jerry huddle
together to discuss the plan. Later, it is then revealed that Plan A in getting Archibald
to save Larry is to have Larry pretend that he is trapped inside a hollow log. Jimmy
and Jerry are both looking through binoculars, keeping a close watch for when Archibald
would show up.]

Larry: *from inside the log* See him yet, guys?

Jimmy: Not yet, Larry! Maybe he decided to go home today.

Jerry: No, wait, Jimmy! I see him! Here he comes!

Larry: Great, now you know what to do, right, guys?

Jimmy: You betcha, Larry!

[At that moment, Larry then starts to flail around from inside the log, just as Archibald
comes up the hill. Jimmy and Jerry take their places afterwards.]

Jimmy: Oh no, Larry is stuck inside a hollow log and he can't get out!

Jerry: Yeah, who will save him?

Archibald: Why, I will save him! Hang on, Larry! I'll get you out of there!

[Archibald then grabs the log while Larry anchors himself to the ground with his tail
wrapped around a tree branch. Seconds later, Archibald manages to pull the log off
Larry, but unfortunately, Archibald also ends up getting stuck in the log as well.]

Archibald: Oh dear! Help! Get me out of here!

Jimmy: Looks like you better save him again, Larry.

Larry: *sighs* If you say so, Jimmy.

[Larry then has no other choice now before he also grabs the log and manages to pull
it off Archibald. Once that's over with, Archibald is happy that he had been saved.]

Archibald: You saved me again, Larry!

Larry: *to himself* Yeah, I was afraid of that.

[Later, Larry comes up with Plan B, which is to pretend that he is drowning in a
nearby stream. Once again, Jimmy and Jerry are keeping watch for Archibald.]

Jimmy: Larry, how much longer do we have to keep watching for Archibald? We're
getting tired here.

Larry: Come on, Jimmy, this is the only way to get Archibald to stop doing favors
for us.

Jerry: He's right, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Very well, Jerry.

[The two Gourd Jackals then look through their binoculars, before they see Archibald
start to come towards the stream.]

Jimmy: Archibald's coming, Larry!

Larry: Great, guys. Now you better hide so that Archie won't suspect anything.

[Jimmy and Jerry then hide in some bushes, at the same time that Larry starts
flailing around from inside the waters of the stream, pretending that he is

Larry: Archie! Help! I'm drowning! I fell in the stream and I can't get out! Help!

Archibald: Hold on, Larry! I'll save you!

[Archibald then dives into the stream before swimming over to Larry. Archibald
then grabs Larry by the hand before they both begin to swim back to the shore,
but unfortunately, Archibald ends up getting his tail caught between two rocks
that are underwater.]

Archibald: Larry, help! My tail is stuck! Save me!

Larry: *sighs* Not again.

[Larry then submerges under the water before he is able to loosen Archibald's
tail from the rocks. Soon, both the Lemur and the Himalayan cat have made it
back to shore once again.]

Archibald: Oh, thank you, Larry. I don't know what would've happened if you
hadn't loosened my tail from those rocks.

Larry: Yeah, I don't know either, Archie.

[Larry has then met up with Jimmy and Jerry once again, before they are once
again able to come up with Plan C to get Archibald to save Larry. This time,
the plan involves Larry pretending that he is about to fall out of a tree,
with his tail caught between the main branch and a smaller branch. Once
again, Jimmy and Jerry are keeping watch for Archibald.]

Jimmy: Larry, why don't we just give up? There's no way that Archibald will
save you from any of these phony dangers you've been staging.

Larry: Look, guys, it's the only way we can get Archibald to stop following
us around for favors all day.

Jimmy: But you're the one who's been saving him, can't we just call it quits?

Larry: If we quit, then Archie will never leave us alone!

Jerry: Uh, Larry! Archie's coming!

Larry: Perfect! There's no way this plan will fail now!

Jimmy: *unsure* If you say so, Larry.

[When Archibald starts coming over the bend, Larry then pretends that is in
danger of falling from the tree, with his tail stuck in the branch.]

Larry: Archie, help me! I was climbing up this tree when I lost my balance
and now I'm about to fall!

Archie: Not to worry, Larry! I'll save you!

[Archibald then starts to climb up the tree to try and save Larry. However,
at the same time this happens, Aristotle, who had been flying through the
forest in an attempt to stop Larry, flies onto the exact same tree that
Larry is dangling from. The minute Aristotle lands on a higher branch, he
becomes surprised when he sees Larry actually going through with faking
being in danger.]

Aristotle: Larry! Stop! You don't know what you're doing!

Larry: *surprised* Aristotle?

Archibald: Aristotle, what are you doing here?

[However, just as soon as Archibald says this, he looses his footing off the
branch and falls off, but Larry is able to grab him by his paws, but the added
weight causes the branch to break, which causes both Larry and Archibald to
fall out of the tree while yelling in anguish until they crash to the ground
below right in front of Jimmy and Jerry, before Aristotle flies back down to
the ground once again. Seconds later, Larry and Archibald pick themselves up
off the ground.]

Archibald: Are you alright, Larry? Is there anything I can do for you?

Larry: No, Archie, I don't need you to do anything.

Aristotle: *whispering* Remember, Larry, tell Archibald how you feel.

Larry: Archie, the reason I don't want you to do anything for me is because,
to be honest, I've been getting tired of you doing favors for me. I thought
you'd loosen up ever since I saved you from that chandelier, but you've
become even more annoying than before!

[After Larry finishes this explanation, Jimmy, Jerry, and Aristotle stand in
surprise at what they just heard, while Archibald becomes crestfallen from
hearing these words from Larry.]

Archibald: If that's the way you feel about it, Larry, I will stop doing
favors for you, if it will make you happy.

[Archibald then starts to walk off, at the same time that while Larry is
satisfied that he is able to tell Archibald his feelings, he can't help
but feel a bit downhearted that he might've hurt Archibald's feelings.
Jimmy and Jerry walk up next to Larry, while Aristotle flies up next
to Larry afterwards.]

Larry: I don't understand, Aristotle, I thought that if I told Archibald
how I felt about him doing favors for us, we'd be on better terms about
the party. Yet, now that I think about it, I feel terrible.

Aristotle: That's the problem, Larry, you've forgotten one important
aspect when telling Archibald your feelings.

Jimmy: What would that be, Aristotle?

Aristotle: You seemed rather harsh to Archibald when expressing your feelings
to him. Aside from telling someone how you feel about them, God wants us to
also be kind to those around us when doing so.

Larry: Boy, I guess I really have messed up, huh?

Jerry: Uh-huh, you really messed up.

[Later, Larry, Jimmy, Jerry, and Aristotle have met up with Bob and Petunia
again, as well as the French Peas, Jean-Claude and Phillipe. Once Larry
explains what happened, Bob feels disappointed in what Larry had done.]

Bob: Larry, I'm disappointed in you. I can't believe that you'd actually
tell off Archibald like that, and after you saved him too.

Larry: I'm sorry, Bob, but I couldn't take it anymore. Ever since I saved
him from that chandelier, I thought he'd lighten up, but while it was fun
at first having him do favors for us and helping us out, it was starting
to get on my nerves after a while. And now I feel terrible about it.

Petunia: Larry, don't be too hard on yourself.

Aristotle: Yes, Petunia is right, Larry, as I've explained before, the
Lord wants us to be kind to others when telling them how we feel about

Larry: Yes, Aristotle, I know that now. I just wish there was something I
could do to make it up to Archie.

Jimmy: How about we go look for him, and you apologize to him?

Jerry: Yeah, apologize!

Larry: You know what, guys? I think that's a great idea!

Aristotle: Yes, splendid!

Jean-Claude: Tres-bien, Larry! Just tell us what to do and we'll help you
do it!

Phillipe: Mais oui! Just say ze word!

[Soon, Larry then goes off to look for Archibald, while Petunia, Jimmy,
Jerry, Jean-Claude, Phillipe, and Aristotle go with him. Bob stays behind,
however, so that can he make sure that the final preparations for the party
are all set up. Larry and the others then split up into different areas
of the forest so that they can cover more ground when looking for Archibald.]

Larry: Archie! Archie, where are you?!? Archie, can you hear me?!?

Petunia: Archibald!

Jimmy: Archibald! Come out, come out, wherever you are! *to Jerry* See him
anywhere, Jerry?

Jerry: Not a sign of him anywhere, Jimmy.

Jean-Claude: Oh, Archie!

Phillipe: Archie! Yoo-hoo!

[Aristotle flies over the forest, but he also does not see Archibald anywhere
in the forest. This time, Larry is now looking in what looks like a large rocky
area of the forest, where there are lots of cliffs and boulders abound in the
area. Aristotle then flies up to Larry afterwards.]

Larry: Did you find him, Aristotle?

Aristotle: No, I'm afraid not, Larry. But be careful around this area, this
is Boulder Plateau, one of the most hazardous places in these woods. The
boulders on these cliffsides are incredibly unstable and could fall if
you make one careless move.

Larry: Don't worry about me, Aristotle. I'll be sure to keep my eyes open
for danger in these parts.

[However, just as soon as Larry says this, he steps on a false spot on the
ground, which causes one boulder to fall from the cliffside and roll towards
both Larry and Aristotle. The Lemur and the Owl both become surprised when
they see this boulder coming towards them. Aristotle quickly flies out of
the way, but when Larry tries to leap away, he ends up tripping and falls
to the ground hard, just as the boulder then falls on top of his tail. The
minute Larry notices this boulder on his tail, he tries to loosen his tail,
but the boulder is too heavy.]

Larry: Aristotle, help! I'm stuck!

Aristotle: This is terrible! I'll go get the others!

Larry: Well, hurry as fast as lightning! Because I think we've got even
bigger problems.

[Larry then looks up at the cliffside that he is directly under, while an
even bigger boulder is perched precariously on the edge. Aristotle then
flies off so that he can find the other animals for help. Larry tries
to pull his tail out from under the boulder, but his tail is still stuck
under the boulder. The boulder on the cliff starts to slowly lean forward
on the cliff.]

Larry: Archibald! Help!

Archibald: (Off-screen) Larry, is that you?

[Seconds later, Archibald then appears in front of Larry.]

Larry: Oh, Archibald! Thank goodness I found you!

Archibald: Now, wait a minute, Larry! Have you forgotten what you've told
me earlier? About how you wanted me to stop bothering you?

Larry: I know what I said, Archie! But I'm really sorry! But, please, you
have to help me for real this time!

[Seconds later, Aristotle then reappears, while followed by Petunia, Jimmy,
Jerry, Jean-Claude, and Phillipe.]

Petunia: We came as soon as Aristotle told us, Larry!

Jean-Claude: Never fear, ze cavalry is here!

Phillipe: Oh ho! Ze cavalry!

Larry: Oh, thank goodness you guys have come!

Jimmy: Hey, since when did you find Archibald, Larry?

Archibald: He didn't find me, I found him here in Boulder Plateau when I heard
his cries for help.

Aristotle: Alright, everyone together!

[Soon, the other animals are trying hard to help Larry get his tail loosened
from under the boulder, at the same time that the boulder on the cliff leans
forward even more. Petunia pushes on one side of the boulder, as do the French
Peas and Jimmy and Jerry, but they still have no success in trying to remove
the boulder from Larry's tail.]

Jimmy: It's no use, this thing's too heavy for us to move.

Archibald: Perhaps I can be of some assistance.

Jimmy: How can you help us, Archibald?

Archibald: Just watch carefully, and you'll see.

[Soon, Archibald then begins to dig at the ground around the boulder. The
boulder on the cliffside is now dangerously close to falling.]

Aristotle: Smart thinking, Archibald, by digging at the ground around the
boulder, we'll have a better chance of moving it.

[Seconds later, parts of the ground around the boulder have now been all dug
up, which gives Archibald, Petunia, Jimmy, Jerry, Jean-Claude, and Phillipe
another chance to try and remove the boulder. This time, the boulder is able
to move, as Larry is able to free his tail from under the boulder.]

Larry: I'm free! Thanks, guy! *smiles*

Aristotle: We're not out of the clear yet, look up!

[The animals then look up in time to see the boulder on the cliffside lean
forward even more. Soon, the boulder then falls off the cliffside, before
Larry, Archibald, Petunia, Jimmy, Jerry, the French Peas, and Aristotle
quickly get away from the area, just as the boulder then falls on top of
the other boulder, which causes the boulder on the ground to get broken
into pieces. With the whole ordeal behind them now, the animals are
relieved that they were able to get out of the plateau before the boulder
could fall. Larry then turns his gaze towards Archibald while smiling at

Larry: Archie, you saved my life! And for real this time.

Archibald: Why, yes, I have, Larry. And don't forget that you need to be
more careful around this area.

Larry: Now that's the Archie we all know and love. *smiles*

Aristotle: As the Bible says, "For whenever our heart condemns us, God is
greater than our heart, and he knows everything. 1 John 3:20"

Archibald: Exactly, and that means that even though we are exceeded by our
feelings, God knows how we feel.

Larry: Well, now that that's over with, we've got a party to go to.

Archibald: Not yet, we don't!

All: *groans*

Larry: What now, Archie?

Archibald: Since we're now even in debt, there is still one thing we need
to take care of.

Larry: And what would that be, Archie?

[It is then revealed that at the party, Archie has been given a chance to
read some poetry to some of the party-goers.]

Archibald: "She walks in beauty, like the night, Of cloudless climes and
starry skies; And all that’s best of dark and bright, Meet in her aspect
and her eyes."

Jimmy: Cheer up, Larry, at least Archie's not asking you for favors anymore.

Larry: I know, but I didn't think he'd actually want to be at our party.

Petunia: I think he still remembers about how you saved him from that
chandelier earlier today, Larry.

Larry: Please, Petunia, don't remind me. I've learned my lesson about
telling others how I feel, and I don't intend to make the same mistake

[The others then start laughing heartily at Larry after that, before
the screen irises out, ending the episode.]

(Ending credits playing)
Veggie Animals: Follow My Leader
Here is the second episode of my Veggie Animals fanfic series. I hope you enjoy.

Synopsis: The Veggie Animals are throwing a party to celebrate their new lives as animals. However, trouble brews when Archibald shows up, thinking that the party has too many safety risks. When a chandelier breaks and almost falls on Archibald, it's Larry to the rescue. Because of that, Archibald now feels indebted to Larry. At first, things are easier with Archibald having lightened up, but now Larry feels rather uncomfortable about it. When his attempts to get Archibald to stop bothering him fails, Larry ends up getting stuck, which prompts Archibald to save him from grave danger. Now that Larry and Archibald are both even in debt, everything is back to normal once again.

A lesson in: Expressing your True Feelings

Focus animal(s): Larry, Archibald


VeggieTales is TM of Big Idea.
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Gotten from :iconpokemondigimongirl:

There are some people who are getting too fake here on dA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friends list actually pay attention. Copy and repost in your own bulletin. Lets see who the true friends are... Repost this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends."


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Why hello there, sir. I noticed that you're a fan of Veggie Tales and so am I. My name is Claire Asparagus, daughter of Archibald Asparagus who is a wonderful British actor that I wish I wanna be like him; an actress with classic taste. I love to play violin and I'm a biggest fan of Rarity who is like me with beauty taste, fashion designing and seamstress skills. :icondrinkteaplz:
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Oh yes, I've heard about you. You're also a friend of :iconmagic-kristina-kw:, judging by the comments you've been giving her on her profile and her pictures. I've actually been a fan of VeggieTales since before starting sixth grade, though there have been a few times when I kind of fell out of it before getting back into it again. Since you're a VeggieTales fan like I am, I must ask you this, have you checked out my Veggie Animals pictures and my two VeggieTales stories? If so, I would love to hear what you think of them, thank you. :D

Oh, and incidentally, you got my gender wrong. I happen to be a female.
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Oh no, I haven't. But I will and about your gender, forgive me for mistaken your gender, my friend. ^^;

I'm also a fan of MLP:FiM and Equestria Girls as well. :D
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You're forgiven.
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:) ;) :)
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I decided to add you to my friends and family list on my DeviantID :D
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