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Veggie Animals

Episode 11: The Gullible Gambit

A Lesson in Collateral Thinking


[In a thick part of the forest, we see a slinky-looking figure running through the
forest while chased by a bunch of angry-looking red-tailed hawks. The slinky figure
that is being chased is revealed to be a black-footed ferret, who is running as
fast as he can for his life to try and escape the red-tailed hawks that are flying
after him. The ferret is able to escape from the hawks by slipping into some thick
bushes, which the hawks are unable to get into. The hawks then land on the ground
after that, just as the ferret is able to slip away even further into the bushes
to escape.]

Hawk # 1: Rats, he's escaped!

Hawk # 2: Speaking of which, are we having rats for dinner tonight?

Hawk # 1: No, not while that vile scum of a ferret is still out and about!

Hawk # 3: What do we do now? We failed to catch him.

Hawk # 4: Yes, the grand superior is not going to like this when he hears that we
failed to catch Ebony Blackfoot.

Hawk # 1: Nevertheless, we have no other choice now but to abandon the chase and
return to our headquarters. We'll resume the chase tomorrow.

[With that, the red-tailed hawks then spread their wings before they fly back the
way they came. The ferret, named Ebony Blackfoot, peeks out from the bushes in
time to see that hawks flying away. Once the hawks have flown off until they are
out of sight, Ebony is relieved.]

Ebony: Phew! They're gone! I think I'm in the clear now.

[Ebony then comes out from the bushes as he makes his way through the forest again,
but he winds up tumbling down a rather steep hill and when he makes it to the bottom
of the hill, he is still tumbling across the ground, until he ends up tumbling right
into a burlap sack that is being held by Junior Asparagus/Abyssinian. Junior becomes
surprised when he feels something tumble into the sack that he's holding.]

Junior: What's this?

[Seconds later, Junior is then rejoined by Laura Carrot/Poodle, Annie, who is now a
lynx kitten with dark green fur all over her body, Petunia Rhubarb/Sifaka, and Larry
the Cucumber/Ring-tailed Lemur.]

Laura: What is it, Junior?

Larry: Yeah, find any more beech nuts?

Junior: No, something got into the bag! Whatever it is, it sure feels heavy.

Annie: It sure looks like it's alive in there.

Petunia: Junior, why don't you open the bag so we can see what it is?

[Junior then opens up the bag, as he, Laura, Annie, Larry, and Petunia peer into the
bag in time to see Ebony inside the bag. The five animals become surprised when they
see this little ferret inside the bag that Junior was holding.]

(Theme opens)

[When Larry, Petunia, Junior, Laura, and Annie see Ebony Blackfoot the black-footed
ferret inside the burlap sack that Junior is holding, they become surprised.]

Laura: Aw, how cute, it's a ferret!

Annie: Yes, technically, it's a black-footed ferret, of the genus "Mustela Nigripes".

Petunia: This is curious, what would a black-footed ferret be doing out here in this
part of the forest?

Ebony: If you want to know, I'm running for my life.

Larry: Running for your life? From what?

Ebony: A group of red-tailed hawks were chasing me, because I was wrongly accused for
a crime that I didn't do!

Junior: What crime were you accused for?

Ebony: They accused me for stealing all of the beech nuts that they've been hording,
but I didn't do it, I tell ya! I was framed!

[The animals can't help but feel sorry for Ebony, but Petunia seems a little bit wary
of Ebony.]

Laura: That's terrible, Mr. Uh... who are you?

Ebony: Oh. *laughing* Excuse me for not introducing myself. I am Ebony Blackfoot.

Junior: Nice to meet you, Ebony. I'm Junior, and these are my friends, Laura, Annie,
Larry, and Petunia.

Ebony: It is my pleasure to meet you all.

Larry: Well, Ebony, maybe you could come with us to our home in the main forest.

Junior: Yeah, I bet everyone else would love to meet you.

Ebony: Oh, would you? That would really suit me just fine, anything to be away from
those mean red-tailed hawks!

[Larry then looks over in time to see Petunia looking a little bit suspicious about
what Ebony has just said.]

Larry: Petunia, what's the matter?

Petunia: I don't know, Larry, there's something about Ebony that I just don't trust.

Larry: What's not to trust about him? He actually seems like a nice guy to me.

Annie: I agree with you, Larry. Ebony seems like a nice black-footed ferret.

[The 5 animals then face Ebony afterwards.]

Larry: Ebony, you can come with us to the forest.

[Ebony becomes happy when he hears this news from Larry. With that, once the animals
have collected a bunch of beech nuts, they begin to make their way back towards the
forest, with Ebony following after them. However, when the 5 animals aren't looking,
Ebony then gives off a sneaky grin directly at the viewers after that. Later, once
Larry, Petunia, Junior, Laura, and Annie have returned to the forest, they have met
up with Bob, Archibald, and Scooter after that.]

Larry: Hey, Bob, we're back!

Bob: Hey, Larry, did you get the beech nuts?

Larry: You bet, Bob, and guess what? We've brought a guest with us.

Archibald: Jolly good, a guest has come! And who may I ask is it, Larry?

Larry: This is Ebony Blackfoot.

Junior: Yeah, we found him out in the forest.

Scooter: *to Ebony* Goodness, laddie, what were you doin' out there in the middle of
the forest?

Ebony: I was chased by red-tailed hawks, because they accused me of stealing all of
their beech nuts, but I didn't do it! I'm innocent, I tell ya!

Laura: We believe you, Ebony.

Petunia: I don't know about this.

Archibald: Petunia, what is wrong?

Larry: She thinks that there's something about Ebony, but we don't know why she thinks

Archibald: Oh, come now, Petunia. I do believe that you might be overreacting.

Scooter: Aye, after all, the lad seems like a nice fellow.

Larry: See, Petunia? What did I tell you?

[Petunia can only sigh in frustration afterwards, but has no other choice now but to
grudgingly agree with Larry about trusting Ebony. Once again, when everyone is not
looking, Ebony gives the viewers another sneaky grin after that.]

Bob: Well, everybody else would be glad to meet Ebony.

Ebony: Oh, really, I couldn't impose. But if you insist, I would be glad to meet the
rest of the citizens of this forest.

[Later, Bob, Larry, Petunia, Archibald, Scooter, Junior, Laura, and Annie have now
met up with all of the other animals of the forest, in order to introduce them to
Ebony Blackfoot.]

Bob: Everyone, this is Ebony Blackfoot. He'll be staying with us here in the forest
for a while.

[Ebony then bows in front of all of the other animals, who also introduce themselves
to Ebony as well. Bob then turns his gaze towards Larry after that.]

Bob: Larry, is it true that Ebony was chased by red-tailed hawks?

Larry: That's what he told us, Bob. I don't know why, but Petunia doesn't seem to trust

Bob: Give her time, Larry, maybe she'll trust him as time goes on.

Larry: Yeah, maybe she will.

[Once Ebony has gotten fully acquainted with all of the other animals of the forest,
he then walks up to Junior, Laura, and Annie after that.]

Ebony: Wow, I had no idea that your friends were so unique and sociable. That Mr. Lunt
fella is really witty, and those two jackals, Jimmy and Jerry, sure made me laugh. *chuckles*

Junior: We're glad you got along with our friends, Ebony.

Ebony: Yeah, don't believe what those red-tailed hawks thought about me. I'm actually a
nice guy, but I was framed somehow.

Annie: Don't worry, Ebony, we'll help you find who framed you for stealing from the red-
tailed hawks.

Ebony: Would you? That would be really great. *smiles*

[Later that night, once all of the animals have gone home, and the moon is up in the night
sky, we then see a slinky figure slinking within the darkest of the night. It is difficult
to tell who this figure is, because of the way he is hidden within the shadows. The figure
then sneak into each of the animals home so that he can steal from their beech nut stashes.
The mysterious figure then chuckles quietly to himself as he continues stealing beech nuts
from the other animals all through the night. The next morning, Larry is the first one to
wake up at his home, before he becomes surprised when he sees that his beech nut stash is
almost completely gone.]

Larry: Oh no! My beech nuts! Who took my beech nuts?!?

[At the den of Jimmy and Jerry, they have also awoken in time to discover that their beech
nut stash is almost completely gone, which also surprises them.]

Jimmy: Jerry, have you been getting into the beech nuts last night?!?

Jerry: Not me, Jimmy! Did you?

Jimmy: Don't look at me! I didn't do it!

Jerry: Then who did it?

Larry: (Off-screen) That's what we'd like to know.

[Jimmy and Jerry then look over in time to see that Bob and Larry have arrived at their
den, apparently wanting to know who stole the beech nuts they've collected.]

Jimmy: You guys too?

Bob: Yes, us too. Apparently, someone must have been sneaking into our homes while we were
asleep and stealing half of our beech nut stashes.

Larry: Yeah, but who, Bob?

Bob: I don't know, Larry.

[Petunia then walks up to the red panda, the ring-tailed lemur, and the two jackal brothers
after that.]

Petunia: I have a good bet that it's probably Ebony.

Ebony: (Off-screen) I tell ya, I didn't do it!

[Ebony then walks up to the five animals after that.]

Ebony: It's like I told you. Someone's been stealing all of your beech nuts and pinning the
blame on me, just like what happened with the red-tailed hawks yesterday!

Larry: You mean it wasn't you, Ebony?

Ebony: No, the imposter must've followed me here and now he's striving to steal your beech
nut stashes too!

[The other animals, with the exception of Petunia, become surprised when they hear Ebony
make this statement. Later, all of the animals in the forest have now gathered around for
a meeting to talk about what's happened the previous night.]

Bob: Everyone, this is an emergency! Thanks to our new friend Ebony here, we have reason to
believe that someone has been stealing the beech nuts we've been collecting and pinning the
blame on him. Now it is up to us to find out who's been framing Ebony and clear his name.

Archibald: Yes, but how exactly will we find out who's framing Ebony, if we don't know who
it is?

Bob: That, I do not know, but what I do know is that we won't let whoever has been framing
Ebony get away with stealing our beech nuts.

Petunia: I'm still not sure if Ebony really does mean what he says. And it's up to me to
figure out what he's really up to.

Larry: How can you be sure it is Ebony, Petunia? He seems like a nice guy.

Petunia: That's what I'm suspicious about, Larry. He keeps saying something about an 'imposter'
framing him, yet I have a feeling that he's actually hiding something. We have to find out
what's really going on with him.

[Larry can only shrug before he follows after Petunia as well, to see if they can find Ebony
and find out more about him. However, they haven't gone very far when they end up bumping
into Ebony as well.]

Larry: Oh there you are, Ebony, we were just looking for you.

Ebony: You have? Why?

Larry: We were just having a meeting about the imposter who's been framing you for taking
our beech nuts.

Petunia: What Larry means is that we want to ask you a few questions about where you've
been last night.

Ebony: *incredulously* Me? Why, I was asleep, just like the rest of you last night. I was
so fast asleep that I never got a chance to catch the imposter who's been stealing the
beech nuts.

Petunia: *suspicious* Hmmmmmmmm, very interesting.

Larry: What do you mean, Petunia?

Petunia: *to Larry* Larry, if he was asleep when the so-called imposter was stealing our
beech nuts, then he probably would've heard him anyway.

Larry: Maybe he really was asleep than he actually thought.

Ebony: Yes, exactly. I really was too deep in my sleep to even hear the imposter. You have
to believe me.

[Petunia can only roll her eyes in frustration from hearing this proclaim from Ebony.]

Petunia: *frustrated* Thank you for your time, Ebony.

[Larry and Petunia then walk off after that, while Ebony then waves goodbye to the two
lemurs after that. However, just as soon as they leave, Ebony then gives off another
sneaky grin while giving off a quiet chuckle to himself. Meanwhile, the red-tailed
hawks from the previous day have been flying through the forest to see if they can
try to find Ebony, but they still have not have any luck.]

Hawk # 2: We've been searching this entire forest for the entire morning, General
Talon, but we still haven't found any sign of Ebony anywhere.

General Talon: Be patient, Sergeant Feather. We'll find him soon enough. It's our
job to locate Ebony Blackfoot and bring him to justice.

Hawk # 3: But where do we look, sir?

General Talon: I'm not sure myself, Colonel Beakton. He's somewhere in this area,
I'm sure of that.

Hawk # 4: I'll have to agree with Colonel Beakton, sir. We don't know where Ebony
is, even if we've looked above the entire forest.

General Talon: Calm yourself, Lieutenant Wingly.

[The four red-tailed hawks then look over to see Aristotle flying towards them,
which catches their attention. Aristotle then flies in front of the four hawks
after that.]

Aristotle: Good afternoon, General Talon. What brings you and your brigade out here
to this part of the forest?

General Talon: We're on an important mission, Aristotle. We're searching for a
conniving ferret criminal by the name of Ebony Blackfoot, have you seen him?

Aristotle: Hmmmmm, come to think of it, I do remember seeing Larry, Petunia, Junior,
Laura, and Annie finding a ferret in the forest while they were out looking for
beech nuts.

General Talon: Some civilian friends of yours, I presume?

Aristotle: Yes sir, General. They are good friends of mine. Although, I am curious
if the ferret they found is the ferret that you're looking for.

Sergeant Feather: If the ferret has black feet, then it has to be him.

Aristotle: Now that I think about it, I did get a good look at his feet, and he does
have black feet.

Colonel Beakton: Then it has to be Ebony Blackfoot!

Lieutenant Wingly: Do we strike now, General?

General Talon: Not now, Lieutenant, we have to wait for the right moment.

Aristotle: If you really are talking about Ebony Blackfoot, then that means that
all of my good friends are in trouble, thanks to his conniving nature and his
tendencies to fool gullible animals! Follow me!

[Aristotle then flies off towards the direction of the main forest, followed by
the red-tailed hawks after that. Back in the forest, Larry and Petunia have now
met up with Bob, Junior, Laura, and Annie, with Petunia telling them about how
she doesn't trust Ebony.]

Laura: Petunia, how can you not trust Ebony?

Junior: Yeah, if he says that he's innocent, then he's innocent.

Bob: Come to think of it, I think Petunia may be right.

Larry: How come, Bob?

Bob: After listening to Petunia, I think I may understand why she doesn't give
an ounce of trust to Ebony.

Annie: But, Bob, how can we be sure if it really is Ebony stealing our beech

Larry: I wish Aristotle were here, he could help us sort this mess out.

Petunia: Wish granted, Larry, because I see him coming now!

[The 6 animals then look up in time to see Aristotle flying towards them, while
followed by the red-tailed hawks. Larry becomes frightened when he sees the red-
tailed hawks with Aristotle.]

Larry: Yeah, but those must be the red-tailed hawks that Ebony told us about! And
they're after Aristotle!

[Larry then crouches down to the ground rather fearfully, just as Aristotle and
the red-tailed hawks then land in front of the 6 animals after that.]

Aristotle: Calm down, Larry. They're with me.

Larry: *confused* They are?

Aristotle: Yes, this is General Talon and his brigade from the Military Organization
of Hawks, the MOH for short.

Larry: *even more confused* But Ebony told us that they wanted to catch him.

General Talon: And that's just what we intend to do, soldier.

Laura: But why would you want to catch that nice kindly ferret?

General Talon: That 'nice kindly ferret' you're referring to, Little Miss, just
happens to be a notorious criminal wanted for theft and dishonesty.

All: *shocked* THEFT AND DISHONESTY?!?!?!?

Petunia: I knew there was something about Ebony I didn't trust!

Aristotle: Yes, Ebony may look like a nice guy, but don't let his innocent facade
fool you, he'll trick you out of whatever food you've collected when he gets his

Larry: You mean, he was the one who's been stealing all of our beech nuts, and not
the imposter he's been telling us about?

Aristotle: Exactly, he made up the whole 'imposter framing him' scam just to get
others to show sympathy for him, and once they've let their guard down, he steals
their food from them.

Junior: If Ebony is the one who's been stealing from our beech nut stashes...

Annie: ...Then that must mean that he's got everyone believing that he's the good
guy and you are the bad guys!

General Talon: That's right, young lady.

Bob: If that's true, then we have to stop Ebony before he steals more of our beech
nuts and before he has everyone else believing in his lies.

[The 6 animals then begin to run back towards the main forest. This time, we see
that Ebony has been hanging out with Jimmy, Jerry, and Mr. Lunt.]

Mr. Lunt: Boy, Ebony, you sure do know how to have fun.

Jimmy: Yeah, we should do it again another time.

Jerry: Yeah!

Ebony: I'd love to, guys, but I'm afraid I'm a little bit tired from having fun
with you. If you'll excuse me, I'll be going now to rest up a bit. Bye.

[Ebony then walks off after that, but just as he walks behind a nearby tree to hide
from sight, he then gives off an evil chuckle to himself.]

Ebony: *chuckles wickedly* Those goody-goody patsies will believe anything that I
tell them. I'm really gonna clean up on their beech nut stashes just like I did with
those red-tailed hawks. Let's see them try and stop me now.

[Once Bob, Larry, Petunia, Junior, Laura, and Annie have returned to the forest again,
they meet up with Jimmy, Jerry, and Mr. Lunt.]

Jimmy: Hi, Bob. Where have you guys been today?

Bob: Guys, Ebony is not what he seems! He's actually plotting to steal all of our
beech nut stashes when you aren't looking.

Mr. Lunt: What? That friendly ferret? You must've been getting too much fresh air, Bob.

Petunia: It's true, guys! Ebony is actually a wanted criminal! The proof is in the pudding.

Jerry: Yeah, I like pudding.

[Petunia then puts her paw to her face in frustration when Jerry says this. Junior, Laura,
and Annie then look at each other after that.]

Junior: Bob, what do we do now?

Bob: If the others won't believe us, then we'll have to find a way to make Ebony confess
his crimes to everyone else.

Aristotle: Precisely, Bob, and that calls for a plan that is cunning and swift.

[Fortunately, Bob is able to come up with a plan to expose Ebony's true colors to the rest
of the animals, as he, Larry, Petunia, Junior, Laura, Annie, and Aristotle huddle up to
discuss the plan. Later, Ebony has managed to steal more beech nuts from the rest of the
animals without them even realizing that they've been robbed. Ebony then gives off another
chuckle to himself.]

Ebony: Boy, I really made out like a bandit this time. Those simpletons still have no idea
that I'm playing them for patsies. By the time I've already left this forest, they'll be
blaming each other for the theft of the beech nuts. *chuckles*

[However, what Ebony doesn't know is that Petunia had been spying on him the whole time,
before she then begins to make her move as she walks over towards Ebony.]

Petunia: Hello there, Ebony.

[Ebony then becomes surprised when he hears Petunia's voice, before he quickly turns around
in time to see Petunia standing in front of him. Ebony then puts on his innocent facade once

Ebony: Oh, Petunia, you startled me! *chuckles* I was just doing some thinking to myself, you
know, to calm my nerves.

Petunia: You can drop the innocent act, Ebony. I know what you're up to.

Ebony: Oh, you do? Aw, shucks. You really caught me, Petunia. If I tell you the truth, will
you promise not to tell anyone else?

Petunia: You have my word, Ebony.

[What Ebony does not know is that while Petunia says this, she then does a gesture behind her
back, signaling to Junior, Laura, and Annie to turn on a special microphone that is hooked up
to a speaker that Bob, Larry, and Aristotle have set up in one of the trees in the main part
of the forest where the other animals are at. Once Junior, Laura, and Annie have turned on
the microphone, Ebony then proceeds to tell Petunia his secret.]

Ebony: You see, Petunia, the truth is, there is no imposter framing me for stealing the beech
nuts from your friends. I stole them myself.

Petunia: Even from the red-tailed hawks?

Ebony: Even from the red-tailed hawks.

Petunia: What I want to know is, why?

Ebony: Because I cannot resist free beech nuts that are being hoarded by other animals. Once
they've collected enough beech nuts for themselves, I steal whatever I need from them when
they're not looking.

Petunia: Have you ever thought of collecting your own beech nuts instead of stealing them
from other animals?

Ebony: *shocked* And go to all that work? Perish the thought, dear lady.

Petunia: Not only are you a thief, but you're a lazy one too.

[The whole conversation had been picked up on the microphone, which was then transmitted
through the speaker in the main part of the forest. Once all of the other animals have heard
what Ebony's true intentions are, they become surprised when they realize that Ebony had
been lying to them all along.]

Jimmy: Jerry, did you hear what I just heard?

Jerry: I did, Jimmy.

Mr. Lunt: Yeah, Ebony's not nice at all, he's a thief.

Archibald: Yes, Bob was right.

[Back with Petunia and Ebony, Ebony has finished confessing to Petunia about his true intentions,
just as soon as Junior, Laura, and Annie have turned off the microphone after that.]

Ebony: Thanks for understanding, Petunia. I feel so much better, knowing that you won't tell
anyone else in this forest my little secret.

Petunia: Oh, I wouldn't be too sure of that, Ebony.

Ebony: Eh? What are you talking about?

Petunia: Why don't you look behind you, Ebony?

[When Ebony looks behind himself, he becomes shocked when he sees the rest of the animals all
glaring at him angrily for being lied to by Ebony. Ebony then turns his gaze back to Petunia
after that, while looking angry at her.]

Ebony: I thought you promised that you wouldn't tell anyone about this!

Petunia: Well, technically, Ebony, I didn't.

[When Ebony is confused about what Petunia meant, Bob, Larry, Aristotle, Junior, Laura, and
Annie then step out from their hiding places while holding the microphone and the speaker
that they used to transmit Ebony's confession.]

Petunia: You see, Ebony. We rigged up this speaker system when you weren't looking, so that
way, everyone was able to listen to your entire confession.

[Ebony is even more shocked when he hears this revelation from Petunia, before he becomes
angry once again.]

Ebony: You tricked me! And to think that I trusted all of you too! But this doesn't prove
anything! I'm getting out of here!

[Ebony then starts to run through the forest, before Bob, Larry, Petunia, Junior, Laura,
and Annie run off after him as well. Aristotle also takes to the air, along with the red-
tailed hawks, as they also follow after Ebony. Ebony then manages to approach a large
tree standing in the middle of the forest. At first, he thinks that he's escaped his
pursuers, but he is proven wrong when Bob, Larry, Petunia, Junior, Laura, and Annie
have caught up with him, which surprises him greatly.]

Ebony: Aw man! I just can't seem to give you the slip, can I?

Petunia: You seem to be pretty interested in this particular tree, Ebony. Mind telling
us what you like about it?

Ebony: *sighs* Alright, you caught me. I've been keeping all of the beech nuts I've been
stealing from all of you in this here tree. I figured that once I've collected enough beech
nuts that I needed, I would come back for them and get away scot-free.

Annie: How do you plan on doing that with so many beech nuts?

[At first, Ebony is at a loss for words when Annie asks him this question, before he quickly
becomes all flustered about it.]

Ebony: Must you bother me with such details?!? If I wanted to take all of the beech nuts that
I've stolen with me, then I would've wanted to do so, like this!

[When Ebony says this, he then absent-mindedly loosens a rock that had been blocking a certain
hole in the tree. Once Ebony realizes that he pulled the plug that blocks off all of the beech
nuts that had been kept in the tree, he then becomes afraid of the aftermath.]

Ebony: *scared* Oh, fuzzbucket.

[Seconds later, all of the beech nuts then start spilling out from the hole in the tree, right
on top of Ebony, burying him in a huge pile of beech nuts that had been kept in the tree. After
all of the beech nuts had been released from the tree, Petunia then walks up to the defeated
Ebony afterwards.]

Petunia: Face it, Ebony, your innocent facade has come to an end.

Larry: Yeah, you might say that you've been buried in the aftermath. *chuckles*

Ebony: *groans in pain*

[Later, Ebony has now been tied up, with Bob, Larry, Petunia, Aristotle, Junior, Laura, and
Annie standing in front of the MOH, who now have Ebony with them.]

General Talon: We cannot thank you civilians enough for helping us to capture Ebony Blackfoot,
especially you, young lady.

Petunia: Why, you're welcome, General. I knew all along that there was something suspicious
about Ebony from the moment I saw him.

Aristotle: I'm proud to hear you say that, Petunia.

Larry: Why's that, Aristotle?

Aristotle: Because from what I heard, the rest of you were gullible enough to believe every
lie that Ebony told you. God wants us to think carefully about whether someone is being truthful
or not.

Bob: Exactly, Aristotle.

Aristotle: Yes, just like the bible tells us, "Be careful what you think, because your thoughts
run your life. Proverbs 4:23".

Laura: We sure weren't being very careful about thinking about what Ebony was telling us.

Aristotle: You sure were not.

Junior: We're sorry, Aristotle. And we're especially sorry for not believing you, Petunia.

Petunia: It's alright, Junior. Everything's okay now.

Sergeant Feather: Say, General, now that we've caught Ebony, don't you think we should be
heading back to headquarters now?

General Talon: Good point, Sergeant. Well, civilians, if you'll excuse us, we gotta be
getting back to headquarters now that we've accomplished our mission. Godspeed to all
of you.

[With that, the red-tailed hawks then take to the air while carrying the now-captive Ebony
Blackfoot with them while Bob, Larry, Petunia, Aristotle, Junior, Laura, and Annie wave
goodbye to them. Once the red-tailed hawks have left, the 7 animals then face each other,
talking about what just happened.]

Bob: Well, I'm glad that Ebony has been brought to justice.

Laura: I still can't believe that he would actually do something like that to us, just to
try and steal our beech nuts.

Aristotle: Believe me, Ebony has been wanted in 6 forests already for beech nut theft. It
sure was lucky that all of you were able to catch him before he could do the same thing
to this forest.

Larry: Maybe he'll get time off for good behavior.

All: Larry!

Larry: Just kidding!

[The others then start laughing at Larry's little joke after that, just as the episode then
ends after that.]

(Ending credits playing)
Veggie Animals: The Gullible Gambit
I apologize for not posting any "Veggie Animals" episodes for an entire month, but I've made a comeback at last with the latest episode.

Synopsis: While out collecting beech nuts, Larry, Petunia, Junior, Laura, and Annie find a seemingly innocent black-footed ferret named Ebony Blackfoot, who claims that he was framed for stealing beech nuts from other animals. However, Petunia is the only one who thinks that there's something suspicious about Ebony, but the other animals do not believe her suspicions. After the animals meet up with Aristotle again, while accompanied by the Military Organization of Hawks, they learn that Ebony is not what he seems and that he is actually passing himself off as helpless in order to steal the Veggie Animals' supply of beech nuts. Fortunately, thanks to a cunning plan, Ebony is dispatched, and the group learn a lesson in careful thinking and analyzing.

A lesson in: Collateral Thinking

Focus animal(s): Petunia


VeggieTales is TM of Big Idea.
I guess it was just a glitch after all, because I was able to access my profile while logged out after a few hours. :)
I am currently having problems accessing my profile while I'm logged out from my account. It works fine when I'm logged in, but it doesn't when I'm logged out. The same goes for a few other profiles that I try to access when I'm logged out. Is this a glitch that we're experiencing or is it just for my computer?
I guess it was just a glitch after all, because I was able to access my profile while logged out after a few hours. :)


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