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Veggie Animals

Episode 1: It All Begins

A Lesson in Faith


[The screen is completely dark, before it is revealed that we are seeing things from
the POV of Bob the Tomato, when he opens his eyes. When Bob walks up, he sees that
he is now in a large thick forest.]

Bob: *groans* Where am I? The last thing I remember was a bright light, and then
everything went blank.

[Bob suddenly feels his head start to hurt, but when he looks down, he becomes
surprised to see that he has a pair of red paws with yellow orange pads on his
fingers and the palms of his paws, as well as the fact that he now has arms that
are colored dark brown.]

Bob: What?!? I have hands now?

[We still see things from Bob's POV as he quickly runs over to a nearby stream to see
what he looks like now. Once arriving at the stream, Bob starts splashing a bit of water
in his face with his new paws, before he finally sees his reflection in the waters of
the stream. It is then revealed that Bob has actually transformed into a Red Panda,
with slightly dark red fur all over his body, on his front paws and back paws, a
thick tail with dak red stripes around it, and brown fur on his arms, legs, and
underbelly. The minute Bob sees this new form that he has become, he is surprised.]

Bob: *shocked* NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Larry: (off-screen) Bob?

Bob: Larry? Is that you?

[Before Bob can react, he suddenly looks over to see a strange yet somehow familiar
figure start running towards him. This figure is a tall and slender Ring-tailed Lemur
with greenish-gray fur all over his body, has white fur on his belly, a long tail with
black and white stripes on it, a patch of dark green fur on the top of his muzzle, and
a familiar bucktooth sticking out from the top of his mouth. Bob is surprised when he
sees that this lemur is his good friend, Larry the Cucumber.]

Larry: Here I come, Bob!

Bob: *surprised* LARRY?!?!?

(Theme opens)

[After a few minutes, Larry then stops right in front of Bob while smiling enthusiastically,
which puzzles Bob. Bob is still confused about what just happened.]

Bob: Uh, Larry? What's going on here?

Larry: I don't know, Bob, but at least we've got hands now!

Bob: *unsure* Y-yeah, th-that's true.

Larry: What's the matter, Bob? Aren't you happy that we're animals now?

Bob: *frustrated* That's the problem, Larry. We're supposed to be vegetables, not animals!

Larry: I don't know about you, Bob, but I really like being a raccoon.

Archibald: (off-screen) Actually, Larry, you are not a raccoon, but rather a ring-tailed
lemur, of the genus 'lemur catta' and a member of the family 'Lemuridae'.

Bob: *surprised* Archibald?!?

[At that moment, another figure then steps out from his hiding place before walking up to
both Bob and Larry. This figure is a humanoid yet thin Himalayan cat with bright green fur
all over his body, light green streaks on his fur, to give the impression that his fur is
actually fluffier than it looks, dark green fur on his front and back paws, tail, face,
and ears, as well as the fact that he is also wearing a gold monocle over his right eye
and a red bow tie on his neck. Bob is surprised when he sees that this cat is actually
their friend, Archibald Asparagus.]

Larry: Wow, Archie, since when did you turn into a cat?

Archibald: Frankly, I'm not quite certain how this transformation happened, but I feel that
there must be a reason why all of us here have been turned into animals.

Bob: "All of us"? You mean everyone else got turned into animals too?

Archibald: I'm afraid so, Bob. *suddenly realizes* Oh dear, why do I suddenly have the urge
to sharpen my claws on a scratching post?

Larry: Why don't you try scratching your claws on that tree, Archie?

Archibald: Splendid idea, Larry!

[With that, Archibald then goes over to a nearby tree before he starts scratching his claws
on a tree to sharpen his claws. While this is going on, Bob is still confused about the
events that are unfolding before him and the others.]

Bob: This doesn't make any sense, Larry. One minute we're minding our business as ordinary
vegetables, and the next minute, we're now animals. What is going on here?!?

Larry: Search me. But look on the bright side, I may not be a raccoon, but you certainly
look like one to me.

Archibald: *still scratching his claws on the tree* Bob is not a raccoon either, Larry, he
is actually a Red Panda, of the genus 'ailurus fulgens' and a member of the family 'Ailuridae'.

Bob: *angrily* I don't care what genus or family I belong to, I still don't like the fact
that I'm a Red Panda now!

Larry: But, Bob, that's the animal you are now.

Archibald: Yes, Bob, Larry is right. It appears that you've gotten so frustrated with the
fact that you're a Red Panda that you've forgotten that your faith in God is more important.

[After a few seconds, Bob begins to realize that Archibald is right. At that moment, Bob
then looks down at the ground with a solemn look on his face, before he then looks up at
Larry and Archibald afterwards.]

Bob: You're right, I got so angry with what's been happening that I've forgotten to keep
my faith in God.

Larry: Aw, don't worry about it, Bob. Sure you may not like being a Red Panda at first,
but you'll get used to it after a while.

Bob: I guess so. *smiles* Thanks, Larry. You really are such a good friend.

Archibald: Well, now that that's been settled, shall we press on to find the rest of our

Bob: You bet, Archibald.

[Before Bob, Larry, and Archibald can go any further, they suddenly hear the sound of a
twig snapping before the sound of bushes rustling and someone yelling is heard. Seconds
later, a small creature then tumbles out from the bushes in front of the trio. The
creature is a rock hyrax with bright cream-colored fur all over his body, a slightly
pudgy body shape, a white belly, and wore a light gray hat that completely obscured
his eyes. Bob, Larry, and Archibald are able to identify this creature as their
friend, Mr. Lunt.]

Bob: Mr. Lunt?

Mr. Lunt: Yes, Bob, it's me.

Larry: Wow, Mr. Lunt, what kind of animal are you?

Mr. Lunt: I don't know.

Archibald: I do, you are a rock hyrax, of the genus 'procavia capensis' and a member of
the family 'Procaviidae'.

Mr. Lunt: That answers my question.

Bob: What were you doing in those bushes anyway?

Mr. Lunt: I was hiding. Since I'm a rock hyrax, I thought I could try to blend in with the
foliage around me.

Archibald: Rock hyraxes don't blend in with foliage, they roost on rocks and hide in
crevices in rocky mountains.

Mr. Lunt: Now you tell me. Well, one good thing about being a hyrax, at least it gives me
a chance to show off my shiny gold tooth.

[With that, Mr. Lunt then gives off a big smile, showing off his tusk-like fangs, with
his left tusk colored gold, just like his gold tooth in his vegetable form. With that
out of the way, the four animals then start to go on their way again, to see if they
can find any more of their friends that had also gotten turned into animals. Along
the way, they manage to find the French Peas, Jean-Claude and Phillipe, who have
turned into mice, both with dark green-gray fur all over their bodies. However, it
is also noted that the way to tell them apart was to look at their ears; Jean-Claude
had a small notch on the side of his left ear, while Phillipe had slightly longer
tufts of fur on the tips of his ears. The quartet continue onwards, before they
also come across more of their friends, who have been turned into animals; Mr.
Nezzer, who was now a wolverine with green-gray fur all over his body, gold
markings on his back, and blue-gray tufts of fur sticking out on the sides of his
head, and had bushy eyebrows like in his vegetable form, Scooter Carrot, who was
now a Scottish breed of dog called a Scottish Wolfhound with light orange-brown
fur all over his body, white fur on his belly, also stood up on his hind legs,
and had the fur on his face in the shape of his mustache, just like in his
vegetable form, and Pa Grape, who was now a guinea pig, with light green
fur all over his body, and still wore his black hat and his glasses. After
a while, Bob, Larry, Archibald, and Mr. Lunt stop to rest for a while.]

Larry: Well, we're off to a good start.

Bob: So far, we've found the French Peas, Mr. Nezzer, Scooter, and Pa Grape.

Archibald: But we still have a long way to go to find everyone else.

Mr. Lunt: Oh boy, that's gonna take a long time.

Junior: (Off-screen) Whether my friends and I are vegetables or animals, God is
always watching out for us.

[The four animals perk up when they hear this familiar voice. With that, they
then peek from a bush to see a small Abyssinian kitten with green-gray fur all
over his body and wearing a yellow and red baseball cap on his head in a prayer
stance. Bob, Larry, Archibald, and Mr. Lunt realize that this kitten is Junior
Asparagus. Of course, they realize that Junior is not alone, as he is also
accompanied by a poodle puppy with orange fur on her body, fluffy yellow fur
on her head, ears, chest, lower body, and on her wrists and ankles, and had
purple ribbons on her ears, and a blue bow on her head. This poodle was also
identified as Laura Carrot.]

Bob: Junior, Laura, there you are!

Junior: Hi, Bob, how did you find us?

Archibald: Simple, just follow the source of the voice.

Bob: Yes, and incidentally, you're right, Junior.

Junior: I am? How, Bob?

Bob: Because, at first, I wasn't really too particularly fond of what just
happened, but like you said, God is always watching us, even if we are animals
now. *smiles*

Jimmy: (Off-screen) How can you tell, Bob?

[The others become alert when they hear this familiar voice. To them, this
meant that they were able to locate Jimmy and Jerry Gourd.]

Larry: That's gotta be Jimmy and Jerry Gourd!

Laura: But where are they?

[To answer Laura's question, two figures then walk out from a bush. They are
two overweight black-backed jackals who are also walking on their hind legs,
just like the others. The first black-backed jackal has brownish-orange fur
all over his body, a patch of black-gray fur on his back with silver markings
in it, has bright orange fur on his rather pudgy belly, was shorter than Larry,
but taller than Bob, had ruffly locks of fur on his head, and had a triangular
notch in his left ear, with the notch pointing slightly diagonally downwards,
while the second black-backed jackal has goldish-yellow fur all over his body,
also had a patch of black-gray fur on his back with silver markings in it, has
bright yellow fur on his belly, though he isn't quite as pudgy as the first
jackal, stood the same height as Larry, had green locks of fur on his head,
and had a small circular notch on the tip of his right ear. Bob and the
others are able to identify these two jackals as their friends, Jimmy and
Jerry Gourd.]

Bob: Jimmy? Jerry? Is that you guys?

Jimmy: Sure it is, Bob, what are you expecting?

Larry: Don't look now, guys, but you look like that you're dogs now.

Jerry: Dogs?

[At first, Jimmy and Jerry are confused about what Larry is saying, until they
both see their reflections in a nearby stream, like Bob did earlier. The minute
the two jackals see how they look, they become excited.]

Jimmy: Woah! Check it out, Jerry! We're jackals!

Jerry: Yeah! Jackals!

Archibald: Yes, to be more precise, you two are black-backed jackals, of the genus
'canis mesomelas' and the family 'Canidae'.

Jimmy: Canis meso-whatsit?

Archibald: *sighs*

Bob: At least we're slowly but surely finding more and more of our friends.

Mr. Lunt: Yeah, but where do we go now, Bob?

Bob: I wish I knew.

Scallion # 1: (Off-screen) Perhaps we can be of some assistance?

[The others become alert when they hear this voice. At that moment, three bobcats with
light green fur then slink out from the foliage that they had come from before appearing
in front of Bob, Larry, Archibald, Mr. Lunt, Jimmy, Jerry, Junior, and Laura. The first
bobcat has the fur on his head slicked down in the back, has a piece of skin missing from
the tip of his right ear, a skinny pink nose, and is average weight, the second bobcat
has the fur on his head leaning forward, has his right ear perpetually drooped down slightly
in contrast to his left ear, a small green nose, and is rather skinny, and finally, the third
bobcat has the fur on his head slightly ruffled, the tip of his left ear is bent forward in
a flap, a large blue nose, and is fatter than his two companions. When Bob and the others
look at these three bobcats, they are able to recognize them as the Scallions.]

Larry: Wow, what are you guys?

Scallion # 1: We're bobcats now.

Scallion # 2: Yeah! We're bobcats!

Archibald: Ah, yes. Bobcats, of the genus 'lynx rufus' and a member of the family 'Felidae'.

Scallion # 3: 'Lynx rufus'? What kind of name is that?

Scallion # 1: He means that that's the scientific name for bobcat.

Jimmy: I fail to see how you guys can help us look for the others.

Jerry: Yeah, how can you help?

Scallion # 1: Well, if you really must know, we just happened to pass by where we saw that
Madame Blueberry is now a breed of cat called a Chartreux.

Larry: What's a Chartreux?

Archibald: It's a breed of cat that originated in France.

Madame Blueberry: (off-screen) Oui, zat's right!

[At that moment, Madame Blueberry also appears in front of the others, now as a Chartreux cat
with grayish-blue fur all over her body, also walks on her hind legs like the others, but still
has her blond hair and the pearl necklace around her neck.]

Bob: Thank goodness you're alright, Madame Blueberry.

Madame Blueberry: *giggles* Of course, I'm alright. Why wouldn't I be? I actually don't mind
being a cat.

Larry: That makes two of us.

Jimmy: But you're not a cat, Larry, you're a raccoon.

Larry: I'm not a raccoon, I'm a ring-tailed lemur.

Junior: At least we're finding everyone in this new place.

Archibald: Well, almost everyone.

Bob: Yeah, Archibald's got a point, where's Petunia?

Larry: I hope she's alright.

Petunia: (Off-screen) Don't worry about me, Larry. I'm just fine.

Larry: Petunia? Is that you?

Petunia: (Off-screen) Yes, Larry, it's me. Who else do you know would you be worried about?

Larry: But where are you, Petunia? We hear you, but we don't see you!

[At that moment, Petunia then climbs down from the tree that she was up in before appearing
in front of Larry. Larry is surprised when he sees that Petunia is now a type of lemur called
a Coquerel's sifaka, with light greenish-gray fur all over her body and standing the same
height as Larry, as well as still sporting her red hairstyle. Larry becomes happy when he
sees that Petunia is alright.]

Larry: Wow, Petunia! You're a lemur, just like me!

Archibald: Yes, Larry. Petunia is also a lemur, but she's a different species of lemur
known as a Coquerel's sifaka, of the genus 'propithecus coquereli' and a member of the
family 'Indriidae'.

Jimmy: That's quite a mouthful, Archibald.

Jerry: Yeah, a mouthful.

Jimmy: In fact, speaking of mouthful, is there any chance to get any food around here? I'm

Jerry: Me too.

Archibald: You two are always hungry.

[Bob and the others also discover that even though they've now been transformed into animals,
their personalities are still the same as they were when they were vegetables.]

Mr. Lunt: I'm not sure if our being turned into animals is supposed to be a good thing or a
bad thing.

Bob: We're all wondering the same thing, Mr. Lunt.

Archibald: Yes, this is quite a quandary indeed.

Larry: A quanda-what?

Archibald: A quandary. It's another word for a problem or a dilemma.

Larry: Ohhhhhhh, I get it now.

Petunia: Shhhhhh! Quiet, everyone! I hear something!

[The rest of the veggie-animals become quiet before they hear what Petunia heard. At that
moment, they hear the sound of heavy footsteps start to come their way. This prompts all
of the animals to hide up in trees and in bushes in order to avoid being spotted by
whatever is coming their way. Minutes later, the figure then appears from out of the
shadows of the woods. It is a large wolf with pitch black fur all over his body, walked
on all fours, but could walk on two legs like the veggie-animals did, had yellow eyes,
half of his tail was missing, and had a bunch of scars all over his face, chest, and
shoulders. When this wolf enters the area that Bob and the others were in, he starts
to smell the air, picking up the scent that there were outsiders in his territory.]

Larry: *whispering* He's gonna see us!

Bob: *whispering* Not if we all remain calm and keep quiet.

Archibald: *whispering* Yes, but there is one thing that we do not know. Who is that
dastardly brute, anyway?

???: (Off-screen) A lot of other animals have wondered that, but I know.

Laura: Who said that?

Junior: I'm not sure, Laura.

???: (Off-screen) Up here, in the trees.

[Bob and the others look up in a nearby tree to see the source of the voice. It is a
Great Horned Owl with brown and white feathers all over his body and wore a pair of
glasses on his face.]

Bob: Who are you?

Aristotle: That is easy enough to answer, I am Aristotle, one of the wisest beings
to live in these woods.

Archibald: Oh yes, I understand, just like the Greek Philosopher, Aristotle.

Mr. Lunt: But that still doesn't answer who that wolf is.

Aristotle: Oh, I am terrible sorry for withholding this information from all of
you. That black wolf that you speak of is none other than Juodas, the most feared
creature in all of these woods.

Jimmy: Juodas? That's a strange name.

Archibald: Not so strange, once you realize that 'juodas' is actually the Lithuanian
word for 'black'.

Mr. Lunt: So, you're saying that his name literally means 'black' in Lithuanian?

Archibald: Exactly.

Petunia: Shhhhhhh! Here he comes again!

Madame Blueberry: Oui, we must hide!

[The animals duck down again when Juodas comes back once again. Juodas is still
sniffing the air, trying to find the scent of the intruders that had been trespassing
in the area.]

Juodas: There are intruders in these woods! I will not tolerate trespassers in my

[The Veggie Animals are still hiding in the bushes and the trees to avoid being
detected by Juodas, who is still searching for them. However, while everyone is
hiding, Jerry suddenly feels a tickle in his nose as he starts to feel a sneeze
coming on. Jimmy and the others become surprised when they see that Jerry is about
to sneeze and blow their cover. Jimmy quickly puts his finger under the nose of
his brother to keep him from sneezing.]

Jimmy: *whispering* Jerry! Don't sneeze!

[It appears that the Veggie Animals are in the clear, but when Jimmy removes his
finger from under Jerry's nose, thinking that the feeling to sneeze had passed,
Jerry suddenly lets out a loud sneeze that is loud enough to be heard in the
area. Juodas suddenly stops when he hears this sneeze, before he spots the
Veggie Animals hiding in the bushes.]

Juodas: Ah-ha! I thought I smelled the scent of tresspassers in these woods!

Larry: RUN!!!!!!!

Jimmy: *to Jerry* Way to go, Jerry!

Bob: Scatter!

[The animals run as fast as they can to escape from Juodas, who is chasing after
them, while Aristotle manages to fly to safety to the top of the tree. Fortunately
for Bob and the others, they are able to hide in different parts of the forest in
order to avoid getting caught by Juodas. From up in the tree, Aristotle looks down
when he sees that Juodas is stalking towards where the animals are hiding, before
he flies down towards Juodas. Before Juodas can react, he is suddenly waylaid by
Aristotle, who quickly flies past him in an attempt to distract him.]

Juodas: Aristotle, you flying pile of feathers! I'll get you for that!

[Juodas then starts chasing after Aristotle, which gives Bob and the others a
chance to come out from their hiding places before they meet up with each other
once again.]

Bob: Is everyone here all accounted for?

Larry: Yep, Bob, we're all here.

Junior: But what about the others? They don't know about Juodas.

Laura: You're right, Junior! They're in danger unless we do something.

Archibald: Yes, but fortunately for us, Aristotle has got him distracted.

Mr. Lunt: But for how long, Archibald?

Archibald: That, I don't know, but I have a feeling that not for long.

[Bob, Larry, Archibald, Mr. Lunt, Junior, Laura, Jimmy, Jerry, the Scallions,
Madame Blueberry, and Petunia look down from a small hill where they see
Aristotle still flying around to keep Juodas distracted. However, after a
few seconds, Aristotle starts to slowly get tired from distracting Juodas.
The Veggie Animals become horrified when they see that the owl they befriended
might possibly get caught by Juodas.]

Petunia: Oh no! Aristotle!

Scallion # 1: Oh my, looks like he's about done for!

Archibald: Any ideas, Bob?

Bob: As a matter of fact, I have an idea.

Jimmy: But, what can we do against that snarling ball of blackness?

Jerry: Yeah, what?

[At first, Bob also does not know what to do, but then he remembers what all
happened since he and the others got turned into animals, as well as remembering
to keep his faith in God, even in times of peril.]

Bob: All of us may be animals now, guys, but we won't let that get in the way of
our most powerful weapon, our faith in God.

Larry: That's right, Bob, we can do anything as long as God is on our side.

Bob: You got it, Larry. Now listen up, everyone. I've got a plan on how to
get rid of Juodas.

[The rest of the animals then huddle together so that they can listen to Bob's
plan. At the same time that this is happening, Aristotle finally loses strength
while keeping Juodas distracted, before he falls to the ground, completely
exhausted, just as Juodas has finally caught up to him. Juodas then gives off
an evil grin while he has Aristotle pinned to the ground with his sharp claws.]

Juodas: It's the end of the line for you, Aristotle! Too bad that your insolent
friends are next, once I'm through with you!

Aristotle: I don't care what happens to me, Juodas, but I won't let you lay a
paw on those new arrivals to the forest!

Juodas: Oh, so those worthless excuses for animals are new arrivals, huh? This
will make it a lot more fun for me, as soon as I do away with you!

[Juodas then raises his front right paw as he prepares to strike Aristotle, who
closes his eyes, expecting the worst to come. Before Juodas can do so, however,
he is suddenly taken off guard by the sound of yelling, which causes him to
stop just seconds from trying to hit Aristotle. Juodas then turns around towards
the source of the yelling. It is actually the Scallions, who were yelling in
order to get Juodas's attention. Juodas abandons Aristotle before he starts
to stalk towards the Scallions.]

Juodas: *to Aristotle* I'll take care of you later! *to the Scallions* Here,
kitty, kitty, kitty.

Scallion # 3: Hey! Who're ya calling 'kitty'?

Scallion # 2: Well, we are bobcats, and bobcats are cats.

Scallion # 1: Yes, but now's not the time to talk about it!

[Juodas then leaps towards the Scallions, but they quickly scatter, just as Juodas
starts to chase after them. Before Juodas can get even further, though, Jimmy and
Jerry, who are standing just a few feet away from him, start teasing and jeering
him in order to get his attention.]

Jimmy: Hey, Fur Face! Your mother eats pond scum!

Juodas: WHAT?!?!?

Jerry: *giggles* Good one, Jimmy!

Jimmy: You couldn't catch even a sick rabbit!

Juodas: *angrily* Watch it!

Jerry: You smell like an old tree stump!

Juodas: Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

Jimmy: You couldn't even terrify a grizzly bear!

Juodas: GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

[These insults only make Juodas even more angrier before he leaps towards the two
Gourd Jackals, but they quickly dodge before the evil black wolf could pounce on
either one of them. Juodas is then met with a bunch of sand that hits him in the
face. Mr. Lunt is revealed to be the one who threw the sand in Juodas's face.]

Mr. Lunt: Come and get me, you big bad wolf!

Juodas: I'll get you, as soon as I see where I'm going!

[After a few seconds, Juodas is able to get the sand out of his eyes before he
starts to run towards Mr. Lunt, but he starts running in order to lead Juodas
further through the forest. At that moment, Mr. Lunt then hides behind a large
rock, which Juodas starts to stalk towards. However, when Juodas peers behind
the rock, he is suddenly taken by surprise by Madame Blueberry, who uses her
claws to scratch Juodas in the face. This gives both Larry and Petunia a chance
to leap forward before they both tackle into Juodas from behind, knocking him
to the ground. Juodas picks himself up off the ground before glaring angrily
at the Chartreux, the Ring-tailed Lemur, and the Coquerel's Sifaka, before he
starts to pounce towards them.]

Juodas: I'll teach you to sneak attack me!

[Juodas is about to pounce on the animals, but Junior and Laura are able to
jump on his back, which causes him to start bucking up and down like a bucking
bronco. Archibald is next before he also uses his claws to scratch Juodas's
left flank, which causes Juodas to howl in great pain.]

Archibald: It's a good thing I had my claws sharpened earlier today.

[Seconds later, however, Juodas is able to buck Junior and Laura off his back
before glaring angrily at Larry, Petunia, Madame Blueberry, and Archibald.]

Juodas: Did you honestly think that you'd actually stop me?!? Not even your
friend, Aristotle, could put up a fight against me! And by the way, where is
your leader, that wimpy Red Panda?

Bob: (Off-screen) Over here, Juodas!

[Juodas then looks over to see Bob standing in front of some bushes. The minute
that Juodas sees Bob, he then starts to stalk towards him. The rest of the Veggie
Animals look on worriedly.]

Archibald: I hope Bob knows what he's doing.

Larry: Don't worry, Archie, if I know Bob, he'll find a way to get out of this.

Juodas: You won't escape this time, Red! I'll turn you into a throw rug!

[At that moment, Juodas then charges forward towards Bob, who is still standing
in front of the bushes, not doing anything. The rest of the animals are still
worried for Bob's safety, as Juodas gets closer and closer. Just as Juodas
then leaps forward within inches of Bob, Bob then jumps off to the side,
which causes Juodas to jump right through the bushes. When Juodas jumps
right through the bushes, he becomes horrified when he sees that the bushes
that Bob was standing in front of actually concealed a cliff. Juodas ends
up falling down the cliff until he falls into the river below, before he
surfaces from the water after a few seconds. Bob looks down from the cliffside,
before Larry, Archibald, Mr. Lunt, Jimmy, Jerry, Junior, Laura, Madame Blueberry,
Petunia, and the Scallions rejoin him to look down at Juodas, who is getting
swept away by the river's current.]

Archibald: Astounding, Bob! How did you know that this cliffside was concealed?

Bob: Easy, Archibald, Aristotle told me about it.

Archibald: *surprised* Aristotle told you?!?

[At that moment, Aristotle then flies back towards the animals before he lands
next to them again.]

Aristotle: Yes, I knew of some bushes that hid a cliffside, which Bob tricked
Juodas into jumping off of.

Jimmy: I get it! Juodas was blinded by a lack of better judgment...

Jerry: So, he jumped off the cliff without even realizing it was there!

Aristotle: *smiling* Precisely!

Larry: So, Bob, what do you think of being a Red Panda now?

[At first, Bob is unsure what to think, before realizing that because he had
risked his life in getting rid of Juodas, yet was able to survive, he then
smiles at Larry after a few seconds.]

Bob: It's actually great, Larry. I never realized that being a Red Panda would
give me an advantage.

Archibald: Jolly good, Bob!

Jimmy: Yeah, way to go, Bob!

Bob: Come on, guys. Let's gather up everyone else. We have a meeting.

[Later, Bob is able to round up all of the Veggie Animals in the forest; Larry,
Archibald, Mr. Lunt, Petunia, Jimmy, Jerry, Junior, Laura, Madame Blueberry, the
Scallions, the French Peas, Mr. Nezzer, Scooter, Pa Grape, Junior's parents (who
are also Abyssinian cats), and Laura's parents (who are also poodles). Even Aristotle
is at the meeting too.]

Bob: Everyone, I would like your attention, please! After our first day of getting
turned into animals, I would like to say that despite all that that's happened
today, our faith in God is more powerful than our fears. At first, I wasn't too
fond of the idea of all of us as animals, but after getting rid of Juodas the
wolf earlier today, I now understand that whether we are vegetables or animals,
God is always there for us, even in perilous times.

Larry: You got it, Bob!

Aristotle: Yes, very well spoken, Bob.

Archibald: Well, I second the motion.

Jimmy: Yeah, and I third and fourth it too!

Larry: I wish Qwerty were here, we could really use a bible verse right about

Aristotle: Well, as a matter of fact, I happen to know quite a plethora of bible
verses myself too.

Larry: You do, Aristotle?

Aristotle: Yes, in fact here's the verse that you're looking for; "Trust in the
Lord with all your heart; and lean not unto your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5"

Bob: Thank you, Aristotle. And you're right, God wants us to trust him and put
our faith in him even when in trouble. And that's exactly what we did, we trusted
in God when we had to face off against Juodas.

Aristotle: Exactly.

Larry: Three cheers for our faith in God!

All: Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray!

[Once the meeting is over, all of the Veggie Animals then start to get themselves
settled into their new surroundings in their new forms. Meanwhile, in the deeper
parts of the forest, further down the river, Juodas had managed to reach the shore
of the river, as he shakes the water out of his fur. After that, Juodas then glares
angrily at the direction that he had been swept down the river.]

Juodas: You managerie misfits may have won this round, but mark my words! Once I
return to the forest, I will get my revenge! Just you wait!

[Juodas then gives off an evil grin, before the screen goes dark, ending the episode.]

(Ending theme playing)
Veggie Animals (Episode 1, It All Begins)
Well, here is Episode 1 of my Veggie Animals series. I admit that I was a bit slow in trying to get it ready, but here it is at last.

Synopsis: For some strange reason, Bob the Tomato, Larry, the Cucumber, and all of the other Vegetables, have now been turned into animals. Bob is not one bit happy about this, until they meet a kindly owl named Aristotle, who reminds him that they have to keep their faith in God. However, they also end up meeting an evil wolf by the name of Juodas, but thanks to the teamwork of everyone, Juodas is gotten rid of, and the Veggie Animals learn to adapt to their forms.

A lesson in: Faith

Focus animal(s): Bob


I based the beginning of this episode on that of the beginning of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon animated specials.

VeggieTales is TM of Big Idea.
Gotten from :iconwintermoon95:

There is a hacker that hacks in your DeviantART account by changing your password and put Thomas the tank pics in your and posts innapropriate pics on your account. You must make a journal entry about it, so he/she wont hack you. I am helping you out.
Gotten from :iconwintermoon95:

There is a hacker that hacks in your DeviantART account by changing your password and put Thomas the tank pics in your and posts innapropriate pics on your account. You must make a journal entry about it, so he/she wont hack you. I am helping you out.


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I am 27 years old and I have a vivid interest in cartoons and comic strips. I am aspiring to become a cartoonist.

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