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Veggie Animals

Episode 23: Waterfront Worries

A Lesson in Charity


[It is once again another nice day in Pinnacle Forest, where the Veggie Animals live.
This time, we see Larry the Cucumber/Ring-tailed Lemur, Mr. Lunt the rock hyrax, Jimmy
and Jerry Gourd/Jackal, and Petunia Rhubarb/Sifaka having fun at the river, swimming
and playing in the water.]

Larry: This is fun! It sure is a nice day to go swimming in the river today!

Petunia: I agree, Larry. Although, I'm a bit worried.

Mr. Lunt: What are you worried about, Petunia?

Petunia: I'm kind of worried that we've not had a rainfall in weeks, what with the sun
shining even brighter than normal.

Larry: Why should you should be worried about that, Petunia?

Jimmy: Yeah, we've got plenty of water to last us a while. Isn't that right, Jerry?

Jerry: You got it, Jimmy.

Petunia: True, but I'm kind of worried that because of the lack of rain we've been
having lately, this river might dry up eventually.

Mr. Lunt: You worry too much, Petunia.

Larry: Yeah, come on, guys, let's go swimming!

[Larry then starts swimming through the waters, with Mr. Lunt beside him, Jimmy on the
left of Larry, and Jerry on the right of Mr. Lunt. The camera angle then switches to
below the water, where we see the underbellies of Larry, Mr. Lunt, Jimmy, and Jerry
while they are swimming in the river. Meanwhile, Bob the Tomato/Red Panda has approached
the river so that he can take a drink of water.]

Bob: *sighs* A little hot today, but still a nice day to take a drink of water.

[Bob then lowers his head down to the river as he starts to take a drink, just as Larry,
Mr. Lunt, Jimmy, and Jerry quickly zoom by while in the water, their zooming causing a
huge wave that splashes on top of Bob, which Bob is not happy about.]

Bob: Larry! Do you mind?!?!?

Larry: Sorry, Bob, wanna come swimming with us?

Bob: I can't, Larry. Have you noticed that we've not had rain in weeks?

Larry: Oh, come on, Bob, you sound just like Petunia earlier.

Bob: Larry, I'm serious. We haven't had a rainfall in weeks, and you guys are wasting
water. Don't you guys realize that we need to save water?

Larry: Well, sure, Bob, but don't you want to have fun too?

Mr. Lunt: Yeah, don't be such an old fuddy-duddy.

Bob: Sometimes I like to have fun, but I also know when to have fun and when not to have

[Larry, Mr. Lunt, Jimmy, and Jerry then climb up out of the water after that, just as
Petunia then walks up beside them after that. The small group then looks up see a quartet
of familiar red-tailed hawks start to fly towards them, before they start to descend towards
the ground after that.]

Petunia: It's the MOH, I wonder what they're doing here in this part of Pinnacle Forest?

Larry: The MOH? Isn't that the same military group of hawks that were after Ebony Blackfoot
when he tried to swindle us out of our beech nut stashes?

Bob: Yes, Larry, that's them.

[Soon, the Military Organization of Hawks, consisting of General Talon, Sergeant Feather,
Colonel Beakton, and Lieutenant Wingly, have landed in front of Bob, Larry, Petunia, Mr.
Lunt, Jimmy, and Jerry afterwards.]

General Talon: Civilians, right arm... salute!

[The MOH then salute with their right wings, while Bob, Larry, Petunia, Mr. Lunt, Jimmy,
and Jerry also salute with their right arms as well.]

(Theme opens)

[After everyone has finished saluting, the group is curious about why the MOH have returned
to their part of the forest.]

Bob: General Talon, what brings you and your brigade back here to Pinnacle Forest?

General Talon: We've come to warn you all that with the lack of rain that's been in this
forest lately, there might possibly be a drought coming to this forest, and for all of you
to be prepared just in case.

Jimmy: How can we be prepared?

Sergeant Feather: Well, first off, you should all refrain from swimming in the river.

Colonel Beakton: Second, try to save any food that you have and don't waste it by eating
it all in one sitting.

Lieutenant Wingly: And lastly, come to us for any water that you need to drink or to wash
yourself with.

General Talon: Well said, troupe.

Larry: But how can we be sure that there will be a drought?

General Talon: You doubt our word, soldier?

Larry: *nervously* Uh, no, not at all!

General Talon: Good. Now remember, you must conserve water in case the drought comes.

[With that, the MOH then spread their wings before they take off and fly into the sky as
they leave after that. Bob, Larry, Petunia, Mr. Lunt, Jimmy, and Jerry watch as the four
red-tailed hawks fly away, until they disappear off in the distance.]

Jimmy: You really think the MOH really mean it when they say that a drought is coming?

Bob: If that's the case, then we'd better do what they say and save water.

Petunia: Yes, that's a good idea, Bob.

Mr. Lunt: Maybe they do have a point after all.

Larry: I think you guys are overreacting, I'm sure that we won't have a drought and
that it'll rain soon enough.

Jerry: *nodding* Yeah!

[The scene then switches to the next day, where the sun is now shining even brighter than
before in the sky. There, Bob, Larry, Petunia, Mr. Lunt, Jimmy, and Jerry have approached
the river, which has now dried up, due to the drought that has now approached the forest.
Bob then turns his gaze towards Larry after that.]

Bob: Ahem, Larry?

Larry: *nervously* Uh... maybe I was a little bit off about the whole drought thing.

Jimmy: Now what do we do?

Mr. Lunt: Yeah, we can't survive in this forest without any water.

Petunia: Don't you guys remember? Yesterday, the MOH told us that we should come to them
for any water that we need.

Jimmy: But we don't even know where to find the MOH.

Bob: Aristotle does, so we should ask him.

[The scene then switches to at Aristotle's tree, where the 6 animals have approached
the great horned owl on where to find the MOH.]

Aristotle: Why, yes, I do know where to find the MOH. They told everyone in this forest,
especially me, about this drought that we're having.

Larry: I hope we'll find them, because I don't know how long we'll have to go without

Aristotle: I know how you feel, Larry, all of us animals in the forest need water to
survive. Not only that, but the water that flowed through this forest also kept the
trees and plants hydrated, but now the trees and plants have started to wither away
due to lack of water.

[The group then looks around to see that indeed the trees and plants are slowly starting
to die because of the lack of water. Soon, the group then follows after Aristotle so that
they can find the MOH for the water that they need to help everyone get by during the
drought. While the group is traveling, they notice that the land around them has become
almost like a desert, due to the drought. While traveling, the group find themselves
feeling very thirsty from not having any water.]

Mr. Lunt: Water... water.

Jimmy: Pizza... pizza.

Jerry: Ice cream... ice cream.

Aristotle: Don't worry, everyone. We're almost there.

[Soon, the group has approached the headquarters of the MOH, where they see the four
red-tailed hawks with a bunch of large containers full of water, giving some of the
other animals the water they need to survive the drought. Lieutenant Wingly then looks
over to see Bob, Larry, Petunia, Mr. Lunt, Jimmy, Jerry, and Aristotle approach the
area, before he lets General Talon know.]

Lieutenant Wingly: General Talon, Aristotle and his friends have come for some water.

[After General Talon has given some water to some of the animals, he then looks to
see the group come towards their headquarters. General Talon then flies over to meet
with the group after that.]

General Talon: Aristotle, so glad to see that you and your friends have come.

Aristotle: Good morning, General Talon, we've come to see if we can get some water
because of the drought.

General Talon: Why certainly, Aristotle, anything for you and your friends. Sergeant
Feather, go get some water for the civilians.

Sergeant Feather: *salutes* At once, General Talon!

[Sergeant Feather then retrieves a bunch of jugs that are to be used to carry the water,
before he and Colonel Beakton proceed to pour some water from one of the bigger containers
into each of the jugs, carefully not to spill any water on the ground. Once the water has
been poured into the jugs, the MOH then hand the jugs full of water to Bob, Larry, Petunia,
Mr. Lunt, Jimmy, Jerry, and Aristotle after that.]

General Talon: Here you go, civilians, enough water to last you for a while.

Colonel Beakton: And remember not to use this water too much, unless it is for an emergency.

General Talon: Yes, Colonel Beakton is right, this water is not to be squandered while we
have this drought going on.

Aristotle: Understood, General, we'll make sure that we don't waste this water, right, guys?

All: Right, Aristotle!

Aristotle: Charity is one of the most important virtues in our lives. God wants us to give
to others that don't have enough, and when we do, it makes us feel good to have given.

Lieutenant Wingly: You got it, Aristotle.

General Talon: Well, civilians, I hope this water will be enough for you.

Bob: Yes, thank you, General Talon. We'll be sure to save this water.

Larry: See you later!

[The group then waves goodbye to the MOH after that, while carrying the jugs of water that
will help them survive during the drought. Aristotle is flying a little ways ahead of the
group while carrying one of the jugs in his talons.]

Aristotle: Well now, didn't I tell you that the MOH would be giving everyone in the forest
water that they've salvaged before the drought?

Jimmy: You're right, Aristotle, that was nice of them.

Mr. Lunt: You said it.

Aristotle: Now, we have to remember what the MOH told us about not squandering this water
and to only use it for when we need a drink or when it's an emergency.

Petunia: Right, Aristotle.

Bob: Let's hope so.

[However, while Larry is walking while carrying one of the jugs, he ends up accidentally
tripping over a rock, which causes him to trip and lose his grip on the jug, sending it
flying through the air. Larry then falls on top of Jerry, which also causes him to lose
his grip on the jug he was holding, also sending it flying through the air. The others
are shocked when they see this, as they can only watch the two water jugs flying through
the air. Seconds later, the two jugs then hit the ground, which causes the lids to pop
off, spilling the water all over the ground, until the water then evaporates due to the
hotness of the sun because of the drought. The group is then both shocked and horrified
at what just happened, before Bob then looks at Larry while looking very angry.]

Bob: Larry, what have you done?!? You weren't supposed to let that water go to waste!

Larry: I'm sorry, Bob! It was an accident! I didn't mean to drop that jug of water!

Jerry: I dropped my jug too, Larry.

Jimmy: Great, we just got some water, and now we're short two jugs!

Aristotle: Calm down, Jimmy. We all know that it was just an accident, and that Larry
and Jerry didn't mean to drop the water. But still, with what happened, now we don't
have enough water, even with the other jugs we still have.

Mr. Lunt: Why don't we go back to the MOH and ask them for more water to replace the
water we lost?

Aristotle: I don't know about that, Mr. Lunt. I'm just not sure if General Talon and
his brigade would want to give us more water.

Jerry: What's wrong with that?

Larry: Yeah, I'm sure that they'll be kind enough to give us more water.

[The scene then cuts back to the MOH's headquarters, where the group have met with
General Talon and his brigade again.]

General Talon: I'm sorry, civilians, but I'm afraid we cannot give you any more water.

Larry: But why not?!?

General Talon: We've already given half of the water to the other civilians of this
forest, and it would seem unfair if we gave you some more.

Aristotle: Please try to understand, General Talon, it was an accident that Larry and
Jerry have dropped two of the jugs you gave us.

Petunia: Yes, he's right, the least you can do is give us more water to replace what
we lost.

[Petunia then holds out the two now-empty jugs in front of General Talon. Despite
this, General Talon is still resolute about his decision.]

General Talon: I'm sorry, Miss, but I'm afraid we cannot give you and your friends
any more water. You've got plenty to last you through this drought.

Sergeant Feather: But, General, aren't we supposed to give water to all of the civilians
of the forest, no matter what happens?

Colonel Beakton: Yes, Sergeant Feather is right, sir. It doesn't seem fair to withhold
the rest of this water from these civilians.

Lieutenant Wingly: Right. After all, from what we heard, it was an accident that two
of these civilians dropped their jugs of water.

General Talon: I'm sorry, troupe, but the answer is still no. Now, civilians, please
go back to where you came from. You have more than enough water.

Bob: Well, thank you anyway, General Talon.

[Bob, Larry, Petunia, Mr. Lunt, Jimmy, Jerry, and Aristotle then leave after that,
with nothing but two jugs short of the water that they were given. Larry is still
saddened about what happened, as is Jerry. Aristotle then turns his gaze towards
the group after that.]

Aristotle: Look, everyone, I know that it didn't turn out like we wanted, but another
thing that we must remember is that things will turn out alright if we remember to
keep an optimistic point of view about them.

Mr. Lunt: How can we keep an optimistic point of view when we're two jugs short of
the water we were given now?

Jimmy: Yeah, somehow, it doesn't feel like that this water is adequate now that we
lost two jugs of it.

[Soon, the group has returned to their part of the forest with the water that the MOH
had given them, but Larry and Jerry are still remorseful about accidentally letting
two of the jugs of water go to waste. The next day, at Larry's home, Larry is still
upset about him and Jerry accidentally dropping two of the jugs of water and letting
the water go to waste. After a few seconds, he suddenly hears his door knocking so he
goes to answer it. Larry then opens the door to find Bob at the door.]

Larry: Bob, what are you doing here?

Bob: Look, Larry, I just want to say that I'm sorry for snapping at you about what
happened yesterday.

Larry: Yeah, and I'm sorry that Jerry and I dropped those jugs of water. It was an

Bob: I know. I guess I was just upset because of this drought we've been having, so
I've come down to see if you'd like to come down to the Blackberry groves with me?

Larry: What for, Bob? I thought that the plants were being destroyed by the drought.

Bob: Not all of them, Larry. Aristotle says that some of the food sources of the
forest are still thriving, because apparently, there's an underground stream flowing
somewhere in this forest.

Larry: Well, okay, I guess I am kind of hungry.

[With that, both the Red Panda and the Ring-tailed Lemur then start to walk off
together towards the direction of the Blackberry groves. Soon, the two then come
across the Blackberry groves, where they find that Mr. Lunt, Jimmy, Jerry, the
French Peas/Mice, Pa Grape/Guinea pig, and Berle are already at the Blackberry
groves, eating the blackberries to try to stave off their hunger during the
drought. Berle then looks over to see Bob and Larry start to approach the
Blackberry groves after that.]

Berle: Well, well, look who's here, just as Aristotle said that they would.

Mr. Lunt: Bob, Larry, so glad that you could come.

Bob: Hi, guys, we came just as soon as Aristotle told us.

Larry: But, Bob, Aristotle told you, he didn't tell me.

Bob: Techinically, I told you what Aristotle told me, so I guess you could say
that Aristotle did tell you, in a way.

Larry: *shrugs* If you say so, Bob.

Pa: Oy, I just cannot believe that this had to happen, and during the summer too.

Mr. Lunt: We know how you feel, Pa, we're not happy about the drought too.

Jimmy: *slurp, munch* But at least we've still got these blackberries, and they're
not affected by the drought.

Jerry: *munching* Mmmm-hmmm.

Berle: That may be, and I know that you two want to keep your bellies full during
this drought, but at least save some for Bob and Larry.

Larry: Are you upset about the drought too, Berle?

Berle: What was your first guess? With the lack of water, that means that all of
the trees are slowly dying, and that means that I can't get any delicious tree
sap now. I'm hoping that we'll get a rainfall soon.

Bob: That's what we all hope, Berle, but as Aristotle says, we have to remember
to keep an optimistic point of view.

[Larry eats his share of blackberries, though he still feels remorseful about
what happened yesterday. He then looks and sees that Jerry also still feels
remorseful about what happened, since he also dropped one of the jugs of water
too. Larry can't help but feel a sense of regret come over him, before he
remembers what Bob told him about how Aristotle said that there is an underground
stream that has somehow been untouched by the drought. This gives him an idea.]

Larry: Hey, Berle, Aristotle said that the reason these blackberry bushes haven't
been affected by the drought is because of an underground stream somewhere in this
forest. Is that true?

Berle: Well, I do remember hearing Aristotle say something about an underground
stream, but I never really saw it for myself, so I don't know where it's located.

Larry: Oh, okay.

Berle: Why are you so interested in this underground stream, anyway?

Larry: Uh, no reason, Berle, I just wanted to know.

Berle: Well, okay then.

[The group then resume eating some of the blackberries in the morning, before they
are each able to wash it down with a drink of water. The next morning, after Larry
takes a drink of water to help keep himself hydrated, he then starts to head off
through the forest towards the direction of Jimmy and Jerry's den, feeling ready
to put his plan in action. After approaching the den of Jimmy and Jerry, Larry
then knocks on the door a few times, before Jerry then answers the door after

Larry: Hello, Jerry.

Jerry: Oh, hi, Larry.

Larry: Where's Jimmy?

Jerry: Still in bed.

Larry: Hey, Jerry, I'm on my way to find that underground stream that Aristotle
and Berle were talking about. Want to come?

[Jerry is a little bit unsure after Larry asks him this question, because he knows
that Jimmy will be really worried about him if he leaves without telling him where
he's going.]

Larry: What's wrong, Jerry?

Jerry: I can't leave without telling Jimmy.

Larry: Just write him a note telling him where you're going and everything will be
just fine.

[Jerry then decides to take this advice from Larry before he goes back inside the
den to do so. Jerry then returns after a few minutes to join Larry.]

Jerry: Okay, I'm ready now!

Larry: That's great, Jerry! Come on.

[With that, both the Ring-tailed Lemur and the Jackal then head off through the
forest to see if they can find the underground stream, but have no idea where to
look for it. Fortunately for them, they manage to see that both Colonel Beakton
and Lieutenant Wingly have come to the forest to see how things are going during
the drought. The two red-tailed hawks are talking about how the drought is affecting
everyone in the forest.]

Colonel Beakton: I feel sorry for the civilians having to suffer this drought without
much water. Good thing General Talon came up with the idea of saving a lot of water
before the drought in order to give to the animals in the forest.

[Larry and Jerry then lean forward to listen to what the two red-tailed hawks are
talking about.]

Lieutenant Wingly: Yes, but I especially feel sorry for those two civilians that
accidentally dropped two of the jugs of water we gave them.

[Of course, Larry and Jerry know that Lieutenant Wingly are referring to them.]

Colonel Beakton: You said a beakful, Lieutenant Wingly, I'm even more frustrated
that General Talon didn't want to give them more water to replace what they lost.

Lieutenant Wingly: I agree, since we are being charitable with giving water to
the civilians, then General Talon should have at least taken pity on them and
let them have more water.

Colonel Beakton: Right, although I do seem to recall that there is an underground
stream somewhere in this forest that is untouched by the drought.

Lieutenant Wingly: Hmmmmm, now that I think about it, I think I do remember seeing
an entrance to a cave in boulder plateau that leads to an underground stream.

[Larry and Jerry become excited when they hear about where the underground stream
is located.]

Colonel Beakton: That's where it's located?

Lieutenant Wingly: Yes, I've gone there before when under assignment for General
Talon a while back.

Larry: *quietly* At least we now know where the underground stream is.

Jerry: *quietly* But don't you remember what happened last time at Boulder Plateau?

[Larry then remembers that the last time he went to Boulder Plateau, it was when
he was looking for Archibald Asparagus/Himalayan cat after telling him off from
doing favors, which resulted in Larry getting his tail stuck under a boulder that
fell from the cliffside. Despite this unpleasant memory, Larry is still intent
on looking for the underground stream.]

Larry: Come, Jerry, we've got an underground stream to find.

[The Ring-tailed Lemur and the Jackal then start to head towards the direction of
Boulder Plateau to find the underground stream. Before Colonel Beakton and Lieutenant
Wingly can continue their conversation even further, Colonel Beakton looks over in
time to see both Larry and Jerry heading off towards Boulder Plateau. Colonel Beakton
is surprised when he sees this.]

Colonel Beakton: Don't look now, Lieutenant Wingly, but I think the civilians are
about to do something rash.

Lieutenant Wingly: They must be heading to Boulder Plateau! Come, Colonel Beakton,
we must let General Talon know about this!

[Colonel Beakton and Lieutenant Wingly then fly off back towards the direction of
their headquarters afterwards. Later, back at the MOH headquarters, once Colonel
Beakton and Lieutenant Wingly have told General Talon what they saw, General Talon
is surprised at what he's heard.]

General Talon: What? Are you certain about this?

Lieutenant Wingly: Affirmative, General, Colonel Beakton and I saw it with our own

Colonel Beakton: Apparently, they must have heard us talking about the underground
stream being located in Boulder Plateau so they went to find it.

[After Colonel Beakton and Lieutenant Wingly say this to General Talon, this causes
General Talon to realize his mistake.]

General Talon: This is all my fault. If I hadn't refused to give them water to
replace what they lost, then they never would have gone off to Boulder Plateau
to find the underground stream.

Sergeant Feather: I really thought that you were supposed to be charitable, General.
I mean after all, you did come up with the idea of giving water to the civilians
while we have this drought going on.

General Talon: Yes, you do have a point, General Talon. I certainly wasn't being
very charitable two days ago. Those civilians asked for more water to replace the
water they lost, yet I refused to give them any more.

Colonel Beakton: Yeah, and you remember what Aristotle said about charity.

Lieutenant Wingly: He's right, General.

General Talon: Come, troupe, we must let the civilians know that two of their friends
are risking their lives.

All: Sir, yes, sir!

[The MOH then fly off so that they can warn the rest of the Veggie Animals about
how Larry and Jerry have gone off to Boulder Plateau. Meanwhile, once Larry and Jerry
have made it to Boulder Plateau, they look around but can't seem to find the entrance
for the underwater stream anywhere.]

Larry: See it anywhere, Jerry?

Jerry: Nope.

Larry: Maybe we're not looking hard enough.

Jerry: Why are we looking?

Larry: Don't you see, Jerry? If we find the underground stream, then we'll be able
to get some water to replace what we lost a couple of days ago. It's the only way
to get enough water while we have this drought going on.

[Jerry seems to understand Larry's reason for wanting to find the underground
stream, before he looks over to see some spiders crawling into a hole, with the
hole surrounded by a bunch of rocks, as he gets Larry's attention.]

Jerry: *poking Larry* Uh, Larry?

Larry: What, Jerry?

[When Larry turns around, he looks to see the spiders crawling into the same hole
that Jerry found.]

Larry: Hmmmm, judging by the way those spiders are retreating into that hole, that
must be where the underground stream is located. Come on.

[The Ring-tailed Lemur and the Jackal then come over to the hole, before they
both crawl into it, since the hole is big enough for them to crawl into. When
they both get into the hole, they find that it is very dark, leaving them unable
to see anything.]

Larry: It's pitch black in here, I can't see a thing.

Jerry: Neither can I.

[Fortunately for them, there are also a bunch of glowworms that have also gotten
into the hole, as their lights are able to illuminate the inside of the hole,
giving Larry and Jerry the light they need to see where they're going. The
Ring-tailed Lemur and the Jackal are able to use a couple of these glowworms
as their light source so that they can see where they're going. Back in the
main part of Pinnacle Forest, Bob, Jimmy, Petunia, Mr. Lunt, Pa, Jean-Claude,
Phillipe, Aristotle, and Berle are surprised when the MOH tell them about
how Larry and Jerry have gone off to Boulder Plateau to find the underground

Bob: They did what?!?

General Talon: You heard us, Red, apparently, Colonel Beakton and Lieutenant
Wingly have seen two of your friends heading for Boulder Plateau.

Colonel Beakton: Yes, we have deducted that they're trying to find the underground
stream to find some water.

Jimmy: You know, I was wondering where Jerry went to, and that probably explains
this note that he left behind.

[Jimmy then holds out a note, ostensibly the one that Jerry had left him before
leaving with Larry. The note reads, "Gone with Larry, be back soon. Jerry". Bob
then takes the note from Jimmy before he reads it.]

Bob: "Gone with Larry, be back soon. Jerry".

Petunia: If that's the case, then we have to find them before they get into serious

Mr. Lunt: But why would they want to go find this underground stream anyway?

Aristotle: You know, I strongly suspect that they're probably doing it to find
water while we still have this drought.

Berle: Then that must be why they've gone off to find the underground stream!

Jean-Claude: But does zis stream even exist?

Aristotle: It does indeed, Jean-Claude. If the MOH say that Larry and Jerry are
heading to Boulder Plateau to find it, then it must exist.

Jean-Claude: Oh, mon dieu.

Phillipe: Oui, oui, Jean-Claude.

Aristotle: Come, everyone, we have to get to Boulder Plateau and try to find
Larry and Jerry.

[The group then start to head off to Boulder Plateau after that, with Aristotle
and the MOH leading the way. Back in the tunnel, Larry and Jerry are still making
their way deeper within the tunnel, until they hear what sounds like water running.]

Larry: Jerry, do you hear what I hear?

Jerry: I do, Larry.

Larry: If I'm not mistaken, then that sounds like water. And if it is water, then
that must mean that we've found the underground stream at last!

[The Ring-tailed Lemur and the Jackal then run further within the tunnel all while
following the sound of running water. The two friends continue running until they
are able to find a small stream running under the ground. Once Larry and Jerry have
found the underground stream, they become happy before they clasp paws and start
dancing around happily.]

Larry: We did it, Jerry! We found the underground stream!

Jerry: Yeah!

Larry: Now all we gotta do is try to get some water for everyone else.

Jerry: With what?

[After Jerry asks this question, this causes Larry to realize that they forgot to
bring something with them that would be used to contain the water.]

Larry: You're right, Jerry, we should have brought those jugs with us. Maybe we can
find something else out there.

[Larry and Jerry then go back the way they came to try and find something that they
can use to collect the water. Meanwhile, outside of the stream entrance, Juodas the
wolf is walking along, since it's obvious that he's also suffering from the drought.]

Juodas: There's no water anywhere! What does a guy have to do get a decent drink of
water around here?!?

[However, after a few seconds, Juodas then hears voices coming from the hole, which
causes him to stop in his tracks as he leans his ear forward to hear what's going
on. The voices turn out to belong to Larry and Jerry, who are still coming back
the way they came through the tunnel. Once Juodas realizes who these voices belong
to, he gives off an evil grin.]

Juodas: Time for me to have some fun, heheheheheh.

[Larry and Jerry then start to approach the hole again after that.]

Larry: Look at that, Jerry, we're almost out.

Jerry: Yeah!

[Before the Ring-tailed Lemur and the Jackal can react, just as they get closer to
the exit, Juodas suddenly leaps in front of them, blocking their way out.]

Juodas: Wanna bet, pipsqueaks?!?

Both: *afraid* JUODAS!!!!!!

Juodas: Ha, there's no escape this time!

[Meanwhile, Bob, Jimmy, Petunia, Mr. Lunt, Pa, Jean-Claude, Phillipe, Aristotle, Berle,
and the MOH have approached Boulder Plateau, though they have to be very careful with
all of the boulders around the area. They were also following Larry and Jerry's footprints
in the ground, until they come upon the hole in the ground, becoming surprised when they
see that Juodas is trying to get at Larry and Jerry, who are still in the hole.]

Petunia: Oh no! It's Juodas!

[Juodas then swipes his paw at Larry and Jerry, but they both dodge as they yell out
before Juodas could strike either one of them.]

General Talon: Stand back, civilians, we know how to deal with that dastardly wolf,
don't we, troupe?

All: Sir, yes, sir!

[The MOH then take to the air after that, just as Juodas swipes at Larry and Jerry once
more, still leaving them trapped in the hole. However, before Juodas can attack even
more, the MOH then fly in to attack.]

General Talon: MOH, attack formation!

[General Talon, Sergeant Feather, Colonel Beakton, and Lieutenant Wingly then form themselves
into a diamond shape as they fly straight out at Juodas, which catches his attention. Before
Juodas can react, he suddenly finds himself being attacked and pecked at by the MOH, which
gives Larry and Jerry a chance to escape from the hole after that, before they reunite
with the others once again.]

Bob: Larry, Jerry, are you guys okay?

Larry: We are now, aren't we, Jerry?

Jerry: Uh-huh.

Jimmy: Jerry, I was so worried about you!

Jerry: Sorry, Jimmy.

Jean-Claude: But what about ze MOH?

Phillipe: Oui, shouldn't we help zem?

Aristotle: I'm afraid that won't be necessary.

Pa: Yep, I know what you mean, Aristotle. Looks like they've got everything all taken care
of. *chuckles*

[The MOH continue attacking Juodas, before they fly up and manage to knock another boulder
off its perch as that boulder starts to roll towards Juodas. Juodas then becomes shocked
when he sees the boulder, but is unable to get out of the way in time, as the boulder then
runs into him, which sends him tumbling down the hole that leads to the underground stream,
which also causes the entrance to the stream to cave in. Juodas continues tumbling down
the tunnel in the darkness, until he falls into the stream afterwards, before he gets
swept away by the stream's current after that.]

Juodas: Curse you, Military Organization of Hawks! I'll get you for this once I get out
of here!

[Back up on the ground, Larry and Jerry feel sorry for foolishly going off to look for
the underground stream.]

Bob: Larry, you and Jerry should know better than to go off and look for the underground
stream without us knowing.

Aristotle: Yes, Juodas could have torn you two apart if we hadn't shown up in time.

Larry: We're sorry, but we just had to find some more water to replace what we lost
two days ago, since General Talon wouldn't give us replacement water.

General Talon: Well, I'm sorry too, civilians. It was my fault that I was not being
charitable enough to give you replacement water. If I hadn't selfishly refused to
give you more water, then you never would have gone off to find the underground

Larry: Yeah, but now we can't get anymore water now that the entrance to the underground
stream is closed off.

Aristotle: Don't worry, Larry. Even if you and Jerry were unable to get any replacement
water, just remember that Charity is still one of the greatest gifts that God gives us.

Larry: You know what, Aristotle? I think you're right.

Aristotle: Of course, I'm right, Larry.

General Talon: Come on, civilians, let's get out of Boulder Plateau.

[Soon, the group then leaves Boulder Plateau after that. Back at the MOH's headquarters,
Larry and Jerry are finally given the replacement water that they needed.]

General Talon: Here you go, you two, water to replace what you've lost two days ago.

Larry: Thanks, General Talon.

Jerry: Yeah, thanks!

Berle: But what about the other animals? Will there be enough water for them too?

Mr. Lunt: Hey, Berle is right! What if there isn't enough water left for everyone

Aristotle: I'm sure that there is, if all remember to be charitable with the water
that is still salvaged before the drought came. The bible tells us, "But if anyone
has the world's goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against
him, how does God's love abide in him? 1 John 3:17".

General Talon: I've certainly learned my lesson today, civilians. We have plenty of
water left, but as we said before, do not squander it while we still have this
drought going on.

[However, just after General Talon says these words, the sound of thunder is suddenly
heard in the sky, which catches everyone's attention. Bob, Larry, Petunia, Mr. Lunt,
Jimmy, Jerry, Pa, Jean-Claude, Phillipe, Aristotle, Berle, and the MOH then look up
to see a bunch of rain clouds start forming in the sky.]

Berle: Is that what I think it is?

Petunia: It must be! Those have to be rain clouds!

[Soon, once the rain clouds have formed, it then starts to rain, much to the happiness
of the Veggie Animals.]

Jimmy: Oh yay! Rain at last!

Jerry: Yeah!

Larry: This is great! We finally got rain after all!

Bob: We sure have, Larry. The drought is over.

Aristotle: Yes, soon, all of the plants and trees will be hydrated again, and the
river will be flowing once again. The Lord is charitable enough to provide us with
this rainfall.

[The other animals all agree with Aristotle, before they all start to go home after
that while it is still raining, before the screen then turns dark, ending the episode.]

(Ending credits playing)
Veggie Animals: Waterfront Worries
Here, I now bring to you the twenty-third episode of Veggie Animals.

Synopsis: When a drought strikes Pinnacle Forest, the Veggie Animals go to the Military Organization of Hawks for water that they need to help them get by. Unfortunately, Larry and Jerry accidentally drop two of the jugs of water, which wastes the water. Unfortunately, General Talon refuses to give more water to replace what was lost. Because of that, Larry and Jerry go to find more water after hearing about an underground stream located in Boulder Plateau, just as Juodas attacks once again. When the others hear about this, they are able to save Larry and Jerry, and this time, General Talon is able to give them more water to replace what was lost, all while learning a lesson in being charitable, just as the rains come once again.

A lesson in: Charity

Focus animal(s): n/a


VeggieTales is TM of Big Idea.
Copied from :iconmariposabutterfly:

A new wave of Hackers/Spammers/Stalkers have come to DA. 

Let's start with the Hackers:
Just now, I received a note saying that I could have 'free premium' (which is now called Core) by clicking a link. I didn't trust it, so I didn't click it. 

I was reading this Journal called How to deal with REAL hackers (which you can find in my favourites, and which I linked later on in the journal) and scrolled down the comments. I found out that the free Core link was a virus, which allowed hackers to gain access to your COMPUTER. If you find a message like that, REPORT THEM.

Now, with Spammers:
Not really an issue, but it's REALLY annoying. 
I can't be bothered explaining, so check the journal.…

Last but not least, Stalkers:
I don't mean by the stalker which just...well stalks your account, THESE ARE SERIOUS ONES. They favourite your work and somehow, they are able to look at YOUR PERSONAL STUFF!! I won't get into this too much



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